10 Best Holiday Jewelry Ideas

10 Best Holiday Jewelry Ideas

One-third of women in the U.S. hope to receive jewelry for the holidays.

But deciding what to get your special someone can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from.

Read these 10 no-fail holiday jewelry gift ideas that will make her wish come true this holiday season.

1. Personalized

Personalized holiday jewelry gifts are everywhere this season. There is no better way to express your love and romantic side than giving jewelry you custom designed.

You can add initials, a personal quote or phrase, your wedding or anniversary date, or simply her name. You can even find jewelry designers who will use your own personal handwriting for the customization.

If you want to awe your special someone, personalized jewelry is the way to go. Stick with gold and rose-gold items to stay within this year's trend.

2. Unique Diamond Rings

There are a couple of trends happening within the diamond ring arena. Midi rings are perfect for the chic types who like kiss fashion norms goodbye.

These rings are worn above the middle knuckle instead of below it. Diamond midi rings are beautiful and unconventional.

Diamond stacked rings are another trend this season, but they too are taking on an edgier look. Bands made up of diamonds in unique shapes such as baguette, emerald, and princess cuts are adding a modern layer to a classic design.

Your loved one will appreciate the fancy designs and all the attention they are sure to bring.

3. Nature-Inspired

Bohemian and eco-fashion styles are trending and they have made their way to the jewelry scene as well. Jewelry designed to mimic natural elements and jewelry made of natural resources are everywhere this season.

Flora and fauna inspired jewelry is modern but whimsical. A matching gold leaf jewelry necklace and earrings combination is a perfect gift for a classy but contemporary woman.

If you want to hit two trends in one, find a nature-inspired diamond midi ring.

If your lady is into natural-made items, then you can't go wrong with holiday jewelry made of seashells, hand carved wood, agate, or Roman glass.

You can even find necklaces made of real leaves that have been electroplated and preserved in copper. Talk about wowing her.

4. Emeralds

While diamonds are never "out", this season you may find that emeralds are shining just as bright.

One reason emeralds are in is the popularity of vintage designs this season. Emeralds have a unique vintage look perfect for the elegant woman.

You will find emeralds paired with nature-inspired designs this year, too.

Whether you choose a vintage-inspired emerald ring, emerald-drop diamond earrings, or an emerald leaf bracelet or necklace, your loved one will be sure to love the trendy and romantic gesture.

5. Millenial Pink Studs

This trend is inspired by Korean fashion and features a unique pastel pink shade that is showing up all over the fashion world.

Millennial pink stud earrings are fun, youthful, and feminine. They are a great gift for the versatile woman as they can be worn with many different styles all throughout the year.

6. Y Necklaces

A little saucy but completely elegant, Y necklaces are another great gift for a woman who wears many hats. They can be worn with a professional button-down shirt or with a formal v-neck dress.

Y necklaces take a boring traditional necklace and add layer, texture, and personality. You can find them in simple single strand designs or layered designs that start at or above the collar.

7. Rose Gold Watch

Rose gold is still in style for good reasons. It is classic and timeless.

And as for watches-- this is a gift you can never go wrong with. Watches never go out of style.

A rose gold watch will give your special someone the chance to wear this romantic hue every day.

8. Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are one of the newest fashion statements. Whether your loved one is the edgy type or more into the classics, there is an ear cuff to fit her style.

They come in everything from bold punk styles to simple metal cuffs to elegant diamond-studded pieces. She will the ability to wear this piece without having to have a cartilage piercing.

9. Beauty and the Beast

This one is for the teens and younger girls. Beauty and the Beast awed the world this year and it hasn't been forgotten this holiday season.

If your gal is a romantic or Disney lover, a beauty in the beast necklace or two-toned ring is the perfect holiday jewelry gift.

10. Geometric Designs

From Mayan-inspired earrings to double triangle rings, geometric designs are huge within this year's jewelry trends.

It is likely due to the popularity of bohemian styles.

Some of the more popular items include cubism earrings made of different metals, triangle earring jackets, and minimal geometric pendant necklaces.

If your loved one is trendy, chic, and/or the boho type, a jewelry made of geometric shapes is a gift that will fit her style and she will be sure to wear.

Find the Perfect Holiday Jewelry

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