10 Best November Wedding Themes

10 Best November Wedding Themes

November 23, 2017

No matter what time of year you get married, the theme matters. After all, when a wedding has an interesting theme, it's fun and easy to remember. It also gives you a feeling with which to relive your special day.

For people getting married in November, there are a number of amazing seasonal wedding themes available. In particular, these ten ideas can be great for your wedding.

An Earthy Harvest Wedding

The Fall is a time of harvest holidays. Whether it's November's Thanksgiving or the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the harvest is something we all instinctively connect to at this time of year.

Perhaps, this is instinct. After all, some part of us remembers what life was like right after the agricultural revolution. Bring that primal joy to guests with an earthy and harvest-themed wedding.

A Warming Red Color Scheme

Red isn't just for Halloween accessories. When it's cold outside, the color can be warming and lovely to your guests.

Take advantage of the color red in the dress code and decor of your weddings. Your guests will find it absolutely beautiful.

Wheelbarrows And Hay

We all remember going on Fall hayrides as children. There are ways to relive that through wedding themes.

One of the best is by taking advantage of the wheelbarrows and hay at your wedding. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, this can be incredibly helpful.

A Calm And Joyful Indoor Wedding

The thing about November is: it's getting cold outside.

Your guests will absolutely remember an outdoor wedding. But if you want to avoid remembering how cold you are, you should have an indoor wedding. You'll just be happier getting married in front of a fireplace.

The Fall Background Of A Park

The beauty of leaves changing has been the subject of many Fall thoughts. From songs and paintings to poems.

If you're getting married at the beginning of November, it can be incredibly helpful to take advantage of the changing leaves in the background of your wedding. A public park is a great place to do that.

Handmade And Rustic

Rustic themes are great for weddings all year. But they ring particularly true in the Fall.

After all, Autumn reminds us of handmade things like Halloween costumes and scarecrows. This means you'll love having handmade and rustic decor at your wedding.

Use Acorns And Nuts

Of course, one of the most recognizable elements of Autumn is the plants. Acorns and nuts can be great for a November wedding.

You can use them to decorate floral arrangements and cakes. You can even try to think of some creative dishes to serve them with.

Pumpkins And Other Fall Vegetables

Fall veggies are a great thing to have at your wedding.

Pumpkins are also incredibly decorative.

You can combine these things at your wedding table. Use pumpkin-themed centerpieces to put together a cohesive fall look.

A Thanksgiving-Style Feast

In America, November is most famous for Thanksgiving. The dinner at this holiday is iconic.

Having Turkey, stuffing, and all of the fixings at your wedding can help people feel right at home. This makes for a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday.

Pies Instead Of Cakes

Pies are the dessert of fall. Whether they're pecan, cranberry, pumpkin, or apple.

You should have a wedding cake. But for your main dessert, take advantage of pies.

You'll be sure that they improve your wedding's fall theme.

Get Jewelry For Your Wedding Themes

Regardless of the wedding themes you like, we have jewelry to help.

We're dedicated to providing stylish and affordable jewelry for weddings and other celebrations. And if you live in Tampa, we can find the perfect item for you. Contact us or visit our store to get started.

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