3 Ideas of Gifts For Your Bridemaids

3 Ideas of Gifts For Your Bridemaids

June 12, 2018

Couples spend over $70 billion each year on weddings in the U.S. The average wedding budget is around $20,000.

Are you getting married soon? If so, there's a lot on your to-do list. Don't forget to add gifts for your bridesmaids!

Wondering what to get? Read on for a few great suggestions.

Best-Friend Bridesmaids

Since your bridesmaids are your best friends, you want to give them something special.

Your bridesmaids spend a lot on you in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Bridesmaids throw engagement parties, showers, and bachelorette parties. Show your appreciation with a gift they'll cherish.

You don't have to give them matching gifts. But make sure you spend about the same amount on each gift. Individual gifts mean you don't have to figure out one thing to please them all.

How Much?

How much to spend on gifts for your bridesmaids depends on your budget. But think about how much they've spent on you.

Is your wedding out of town? If your bridesmaids paid for their dresses, shoes, a hotel room, and a plane ticket, that's a lot! And that doesn't include the bachelorette party and shower.

Spend between $75 and $150.

It's customary to spend a little more on your matron or maid of honor. She usually does a little more planning than the others. Her gift should reflect this.

Don't forget a little something for your flower girl.


You can't go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Jewelry is an elegant thank-you gift that lasts a lifetime. You can buy matching pieces for them to wear at the wedding. Or you can get pieces that reflect each woman's personality.

Consider buying birthstone earrings. This way the pieces are similar but also a little different.

You can also mix it up and buy earrings for one and a necklace for another. A beautiful bracelet is also a great option.

Gift Cards

Not everyone likes to get material gifts. Some people prefer experiences. If you know that about one of your bridesmaids, don't be afraid to give her a gift card.

Does one of your girls love the spa but never treats herself? Treat her to a day at the spa.

There are many experiences that people enjoy but don't give themselves. How about a concert ticket? A wine-tasting event?

Think outside the box when it comes to gift cards. Make the presentation special. If you give your friend a spa day, put it in a pretty box with a few sample-size spa products.

Those Shoes, That Dress!

Asking someone to be part of your wedding is special. But sometimes it's a financial strain for the bridesmaids.

If you have the budget, consider offering to buy your bridesmaids' shoes or dresses. This is especially thoughtful if you've picked out expensive wedding outfits. Your bridesmaids will appreciate it!

Wonderful Weddings

No matter what you decide to give your bridesmaids, be thoughtful. Choose something that shows them how much you appreciate them. Present the gifts in a special way.

This is an exciting time in your life, so be sure and have fun with it!

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