4 Ways to Update Your Summer Accessories

4 Ways to Update Your Summer Accessories

June 18, 2018

It's officially summer! You know what that means - vacations, swimming, and pulling out all of the flirty, fun clothes you put away over the winter!

Along with flashing more style, you need to consider flashing new accessories. Fine jewelry are the finishing touches to any successful summer look.

If you're ready to update your summer accessories, keep reading! We've got four hot styles to you need to add to your wardrobe right now!

1. See How You Stack Up

Stacked rings are a big thing this summer. Best of all, they offer a great opportunity for you to have some fun!

Thin, delicate ones work best. That way you can fit more on your fingers - and more is definitely more in this case!

This is a very playful look. Consider updating your summer accessories with slim rings in different metals and textures.

2. Love of Layers

Rings aren't the only thing you should do more of. Layered necklaces look super chic and are very on trend.

Here's how to pull off this eye-catching look.

Stick to thin necklaces. Giant statement necklaces had their day as the perfect accessory for a black dress.

Layer them in different lengths. This way, you have a cascade of gorgeous jewelry at your neckline.

Think about layering charms. A different charm on each necklace makes for a pretty and personal statement.

This is a fun and almost architectural way to update your summer accessories.

3. Mix and Match It

Layered charm necklaces and stacked rings in different metallics aren't the only way to switch things up. You can have a lot of fun with earrings, too.

First, stock up on lots of bold statement earrings. Hoops are very on-trend and are a great way to pull off this look.

Next, put different earrings in each ear. This is a truly bold look that favors the brave. Rock it with confidence!

4. Pick Your Pearls

Jewelry trends for summer are all about the natural world. In this respect, no trend is more on point than pearls.

Want to learn how to accessorize with pearls? It's easy - wear them however you wish.

Pearls are always classy and you can dress them up or down. Go for a chic uniform pearl necklace or try out an oblong freshwater pearl ring.

While perfectly shaped pearls are always in style, natural pearls are having a big moment, too.

Don't be shy - these imperfect pearls are unique, just like you are. Wear them with confidence with just a t-shirt or your favorite cocktail dress.

More Ways To Update Your Summer Accessories

Want even more hot tips to update your summer accessories? We've got five sizzling summer jewelry trends you need to check out.

When you're ready to find your new summer look, we're here for you. We understand that product quality and service are what customers look for when shopping for jewelry and we make that our priority.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, don't worry - we do custom orders, too. Contact us today and set yourself up for summer success!

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