5 Facts About the Types of Diamond Cuts

5 Facts About the Types of Diamond Cuts

January 03, 2022

Did you know that the average dollar amount spent on a diamond engagement ring is about $7,000? Any piece of diamond jewelry is certainly an investment, but at those prices, you want to make sure you are getting the most perfect diamond possible. 

However, choosing the right diamond shape can be intimidating. After all, it is a "forever" kind of piece. You don't want to get it wrong. With so many available options, how do you know you are making the right choice?

Here are five facts about some of the most popular types of diamond cuts you should know before buying a diamond ring. 

1. Princess Cut

Much like the name, the princess cut is a perfect fit for those who like traditional diamonds, while also liking to be "on-trend." A princess-cut diamond is typically in the shape of a square while having tremendous depth and clarity. 

2. Emerald Cut

For those who love vintage fashion with hints of royalty, the emerald-cut diamond might be the choice for you. Cut like glass, emerald cut diamonds have long smooth sides. They do not have that "crushed ice" glitter that most other types of diamonds have. 

A smaller carat size of an emerald cut can look like it is a higher carat than it actually is. 

3. Round Cut

A round-cut diamond just might be one of the most classic cuts of diamonds. They are extremely fashionable, yet can stand the test of time. Choose this diamond as a gift if the recipient loves the classics. 

However, round cuts can sometimes be more expensive since it has a smaller surface area when compared to other diamonds. 

4. Oval Cut

Oval-cut diamonds are quickly rising to the top of the diamond food chain, with many celebrities choosing this style. These diamonds are a slightly elongated shape.

An oval-cut diamond ring would be perfect for those looking to make their fingers seem longer or hands seem thinner. 

5. Pear Cut

A pear-cut diamond is shaped exactly like how it sounds. Like a dainty, glittery teardrop shape, the pear-cut diamond takes a creative twist on the classic engagement or diamond ring. 

These are diamonds are a good choice for those who like to step outside the "normal" lines of jewelry and fashion, while still being chic. 

Want to Know More About the Types of Diamond Cuts?

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring for the holidays, wedding bands for your upcoming big day, or just want to gift a beautiful and priceless diamond, a few things are critical. Knowing the types of diamond cuts might just be the most important tip.

If you are in the market, we can help you find the perfect choice. Reach out to us here at Johnston Jewelers.

We have been serving the Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, and Largo, since 1972. We have a wide selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry. Browse our storefront and schedule an appointment today. 

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