5 Fascinating Facts About Your August Birthstone

5 Fascinating Facts About Your August Birthstone

Liv Tyler, Morgan Freeman, and Charlize Theron: what do they all have in common? 

These stars all share an August birthday! If you or someone you love is a Leo or a Virgo, keep reading to learn more about Peridot, the August birthstone.

We can't imagine a more perfect gift than a ring, bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings featuring this stunning stone. 

You could even have a piece of custom Peridot jewelry made, for a look that's all your own. 

1. It's Hard To Get

Those with an August birthday will love hearing that getting Peridot requires a lot of effort!

It's mostly found in the far regions of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and even Kenya. Additionally, some smaller amounts of Peridot are buried deep underground in Arizona, on a Native American Reservation. 

Even more interesting? 

To get to it, sometimes you even have to wait for a volcano to erupt. Because the stone is so deep underground, it's sometimes easier to wait for an eruption than to dig for it!

2. It's Connected To A Goddess 

Lovers of the afterlife will be intrigued to learn that many Hawaiians associate the stone with Hele. Fittingly, Hele is the Goddess of volcanoes and fire.

Those who believe in Hele say that Peridot represents her tears. 

3. It Has Quite The History

If you've ever toured the ancient jewelry wing of a museum, it's highly likely you've come across some Peridot. 

In fact, it was a favorite of the Ancient Egyptians -- who held several legends about Peridot, which they referred to as "gems of the sun." The stone was so precious it was believed to be magic. 

Because Egyptians thought it was impossible to be seen in the day, it was mined for exclusively in the middle of the night. 

4. It Was A Favorite Of Napoleon 

No matter what you think of Napoleon, one thing can't be denied: the man had good taste, and he certainly knew his jewelry. 

He was known to favor Peridot, and frequently had the stone placed in both his own jewelry and the jewels he gave to his wife, Josephine.

5. It Could Help Your Love Life

If your love life isn't exactly having the greatest year, many believe that this August birthstone may be able to help. 

First of all, it's thought to fight against destructive spirits, that make those you love disinterested or jealous. Additionally, many believe that it can make your marriage stronger or improve your current relationship. 

Some even believe it can help you to find love!

Find Jewelry Featuring The August Birthstone

Now, you're an expert on the history and meaning of Peridot, the August birthstone.

We hope this has inspired you to pick out the perfect piece for anyone with an August birthday in your life. When you're ready, spend some time on our website to find an elegant, statement-making piece fit for a variety of styles and occasions. 

And if you don't have an August birthday, but just like the look of Peridot, you're certainly entitled to browse, too. We won't tell!

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