5 Summer Jewelry Trends for Women in Florida

5 Summer Jewelry Trends for Women in Florida

This year, the first official day of summer will be Tuesday, June 21. Thankfully, fashion trends never go by a particular date. You still have time to add the season's hottest trends to your wardrobe. 

This should include summer jewelry that perfectly complements your style. But don't be too quick to forget about May just yet. The month's beautiful birthstone will still be trending during summer. 

Do your summer plans include soaking up the rays on some of Tampa's beautiful beaches? Maybe you'll be trying out some of the new dining hot spots? Whatever you decide, here are a few jewelry trends that are sure to put you in the right mood.

Summer Jewelry Trends in 2022

There's an extensive line of jewelry for women this season. Choosing from it may be particularly difficult this year. But this summer there will be some trends you'll need to look out for. 

1. Emeralds For Any Occasion

These distinct green gems will add sparkle to any summer outfit. Set it against a simple white cotton t-shirt or an elegant evening gown. They'll make a statement with both outfits.

Like many other birthstones, these are better worn on their own. Choose a set complete with earrings, a chain, and a bracelet. It will be sure to make you feel renewed during the warmth of summer.

2. Dazzling Chokers

Chokers are also trending and wearing one with emeralds will be sure to make you dazzle. But don't count out other gems or hardware for these close-fitting ornamental necklaces. A variety of styles, stones, and materials will be adorning these beautiful pieces of neck art. 

3. Bracelet Trends

Cuffs seem to be this summer's bracelet trend. You can wear them on the upper arm, wrist, or both. Like chokers, designers are using an assortment of materials and precious metals. These unique pieces can enhance any outfit.

4. A Natural Habitat for Pearls

The sea is the natural habitat for pearls. You can feast on fresh gulf oysters at some of Tampa's restaurants. But the precious gems found in them will be a highlight this summer.

Pearlcore, as they're called, is taking the internet by storm. These include pearl clusters in earrings, rings, and necklaces. Once considered delicate, this gem is now being portrayed in bold ways.

5. Gold Jewelry

It doesn't matter what season it is. Classic gold will always be an option. Whether enshrined around diamonds or pearls or crafted in unique ways to stand on its own, gold is here to stay. 

This summer is no different. Oversized pieces such as chunky gold chains are the latest trend. Wear them on their own or layered with other pieces. Either way, they make a bold statement. 

Summer Jewelry for All Seasons

Jewelry can enhance any outfit. But there's also a psychological aspect to wearing jewelry. It can make the wearer feel confident and beautiful.

These feelings are even more pronounced when the piece is symbolic to the wearer. This is often the case when you wear a birthstone such as an emerald or pearl.

The great thing is that it doesn't matter whether these are this year's summer jewelry trend or not. Wear jewelry that makes you feel alive and amazing.

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