5 Unique Ideas for Matching Wedding Bands

5 Unique Ideas for Matching Wedding Bands

January 23, 2018

There are roughly 2 million weddings every year in the United States. Couples want each part of their ceremony to be perfect, and for many newlyweds nowadays, that includes individualized, matching wedding bands.

Wedding day jewelry might not be the first thing people think of when they hear about a bride and groom's big day, but it is actually a crucial part. Wedding bands represent the couple's union and will be worn by both of them every single day.

But how can a bride and groom make their matching wedding bands really unique? How can they be something more than the average wedding ring?

Read on to discover five unique ideas for wedding bands.

Initial Matching Wedding Bands

There are a couple different ways that you and your fiance can use each other's initials on your wedding bands.

The first and simplest way is that each of you has the other's initials on the ring you wear. For example, if your soon-to-be husband's initials are FD, those letters would be engraved on your ring.

A more interesting way of doing this, though, is having half-letters on each of your bands. When they connect, you see both of your sets of initials together.

Movie-Inspired Wedding Bands

If the two of you are film fanatics, engrave your bands with a line or exchange from one of your favorite films.

For example, if you are both Star Wars fans, one ring could read "I love you," and the other could say "I know." Or if you love Jerry Maguire, both of you could wear rings that feature the iconic line, "You complete me."

Fingerprint Wedding Rings

A person's fingerprint is essentially a piece of them, and it's a piece that's distinct to them and only them. So why not carry a piece of your husband or wife with you on your wedding band?

You would wear the wedding band the features your spouse's fingerprint. He or she would wear the other one that your print is on.

Hidden Message Wedding Bands

Do you and your significant other have certain phrases or sayings that you only share with each other? Well, if these "hidden messages" are important enough, you can put one of them on your wedding bands.

You could have half of the quote or message on one ring and the other half on the other ring. Or, if you don't like that, each of you could get the same words engraved inside your bands.

Handwritten Wedding Bands

Every person's handwriting is wholly unique to them, and in some cases, it can even reflect the person's personality.

Whether what's written is your name, a particular quote, or a hidden message, a wedding band with your spouse's handwriting on it is representative of the person you love.

The handwritten nature of these bands also adds to the romance of your relationship and your wedding.

People hardly write by hand anymore due to the advantages of typing. Having something handwritten from your spouse, especially something as important as your wedding ring, is precious and romantic.

Going Forward

As you and your future spouse prepare for your wedding, keep these matching wedding band ideas in mind. They're a fun, simple way of making the most special day of your life even more special.

These bands are something that you will wear every day for the rest of your life. Make sure they're everything you want them to be.

Do you have any questions or concerns about wedding bands or other types of jewelry? If so, please contact us so we can help!

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