5 Weird Facts About The Opal (The October Birthstone)

5 Weird Facts About The Opal (The October Birthstone)

Opal is a unique and popular gemstone which lends itself beautifully to jewelry, amongst many other things. Have you ever seen the way an opal's many colors shine? It's quite a sight to behold, or so we think!

Read on, and we'll discuss five weird and cool facts about the popular October birthstone, the opal!

Opal: The October Birthstone

1. The Opal Forms from Rain!

Many believe that opal forms when rain becomes trapped inside of a rock. The rain carries the rock's crystalline silica downwards. Then, the silica eventually dries out.

The dry crystalline silica then leaves behind the beautiful October birthstone we now know by the name of opal.

2. Opal on Mars

Yes, you read that correctly! In the year 2008, NASA made a very interesting discovery. Opal deposits were found on the planet Mars!

Pretty neat, huh? We thought so too.

Some researchers believe that opal's existence on Mars may signify the existence of ancient life on the famous Red Planet! The primary reason for this is due to how the stone forms. Because it's formed in part by water, scientists believe the planet may have supported life at one point.

3. Thanks For The October Birthstone, Australia!

Believe it or not, approximately 95% of the world's precious October birthstone comes from down under. Opal has been mined in Australia since the year 1875!

Opal can also come from Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and even some parts of the western United States, but its primary location is in good old Australia.

4. Opal Features Some Surprising and Unique Powers

Both Ancient Greeks and Romans had specific beliefs about the opal gem stone's special powers. In Ancient Greece, many people thought that opal could make you psychic! While in Ancient Rome, the popular gemstone was synonymous with hope and love.

Today, many believe that opal provides the wearer with luck, inspiration, and happiness. And who doesn't want those things?! We certainly do!

Some even believe opals can reflect the wearers' mood and emotions.

5. Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

It's true! The varying colors you see in an opal gemstone are a result of the massive amount of diversely-sized silica spheres. The spheres cause light to refract and thus create the many different colors on display in the beautiful October birthstone.

Just like a glass prism, when you hold an opal at different angles, the colors on display will change! This is a result of the white light hitting the spheres at contrasting points.

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