A Quick Guide to Diamond Carat Sizes

A Quick Guide to Diamond Carat Sizes

Did you know that in the US, the average size for an engagement ring is around one carat? While that number sounds small, it's actually bigger than you might think.

Whether you're shopping for a piece of jewelry that shows your dedication to a romantic partner, or something modern like a right-hand ring to commemorate an achievement, you'll want to keep the diamond carat size as your focus. Otherwise, you could wind up with a ring that seems bulky - or worse yet, one that looks cheap.

Read on for a detailed guide to stone sizing, and get ready to shop with confidence! 

What Is a Carat?

According to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, the term carat is rooted in history. Having been used since the 16th century, it is believed that this name originally referred to the seed of a carob tree, which weighs around 0.20 grams or 200 milligrams.

Of course, diamond merchants no longer compare carats to seeds. But, they do still weigh the same amount!

That said, not all stones that weigh the same amount will appear to be the same size.

Understanding Diamond Carat Sizes

Because carats are a unit of measurement associated with weight, they aren't always a good indication of what a stone's surface area will look like. 

For example, a cut that is long and deep might look smaller than one which is shallow and wide. So, when shopping for a diamond ring, it's essential to keep in mind that dazzling cuts like cushion, marquise, square, round, emerald, and pear will all look different.

How each stone will look once set and on the hand also varies dramatically, especially if you surround it with small and sparkling pavé diamonds or other intricate and ornamental details.

How Many Carats Are Right for You?

Of course, when it comes to shopping for diamond carat sizes, there is no single right or wrong answer. Your unique and stunning piece of diamond jewelry should be chosen to fit its recipient perfectly. And, not every hand will look right with a one carat centerpiece.

Custom design is a fantastic option for scoring a specific look, especially if you already have a stone selected. This type of highly personalized service will also help you avoid trends that might not be as desirable 10 or 15 years from now. And, since diamonds are forever, as the old saying goes, it's best to select a style that will stand the test of time.

Shopping for Diamonds Made Easy 

Now that you know a bit more about diamond carat sizes, it's time to pick your perfect stone. Remember, other factors such as color, cut, and clarity are just as important when it comes to selecting a dazzling centerpiece. And, once you've found the showstopper, you'll be ready to settle on a setting.

For the very best service and selection, contact Johnston Jewelers. Our third-generation team of diamond experts is standing by and happy to help, with a stunning showroom selection and decades of experience helping clients just like you. 

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