Amethyst Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for February Birthdays

Amethyst Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for February Birthdays

Are you searching for a gift for someone special born in February? The February birthstone is amethyst, and amethyst jewelry could be the perfect present.

The National Association of Jewelers standardized the list of birthstones in 1912, and people have been buying and wearing birthstone jewelry ever since. If your friend, family member, or spouse was born in February, buy them a piece of amethyst jewelry to share your love for them.

Here are some reasons why birthstone jewelry makes the best birthday gifts.

It's Thoughtful and Means Something

When you buy amethyst jewelry for a loved one, you're showing them that you know something about them. You know their birthstone, and you put thought into your gift.

Thoughtful gifts are the most meaningful, and the recipient will remember you each time they wear the jewelry. This can strengthen their relationship with you. Also, each time you see them wearing the jewelry, you'll know they're happy with their gift.

Precious stones like amethyst are more than just beautiful. Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners use amethyst to assist in healing the mind and body. Some people believe amethyst has healing properties, such as promoting serenity and calm.

If nothing else, it's a personalized gift that the recipient can wear every day.

The Birthstone Celebrates Them

Amethyst jewelry celebrates all those who were born in that month. Birthstone jewelry is one way to express an identity. People can wear it with pride, and it tells the world a bit about them.

It's also a way to connect with others born in February. Seeing another person wearing birthstone jewelry can be a great way to start a conversation as well.

Amethyst Has an Interesting History

Ancient Greek legends linked amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine. It was once believed that amethyst could fend off Bachus's intoxicating powers, keep the wearer clear-headed, and help them avoid drunkenness.

Amethyst was also one of the twelve precious stones that represented the twelve tribes of Isreal.

It's Suitable for Everyday Wear or Formal Events

Birthstone jewelry is suitable for everyday wear. It can be casual enough for daily wear or fancy enough for formal events. Amethyst is quite versatile, and its stunning purple color matches any outfit.

An elegant pair of earrings or a gemstone necklace will likely become a staple among their accessories.

Amethyst Jewelry Makes a Beautiful Heirloom

One of the benefits of quality birthstone jewelry is that it makes a lovely heirloom. The birthday recipient can treasure the gift for years to come and pass it on to their family members when the time comes.

Even those who weren't born in February will love to wear amethyst jewelry.

Design the Perfect Birthday Gift

Buying your loved one amethyst jewelry is a great way to show your appreciation for them. It's also a gift they can treasure for years to come.

Are you looking for a way to make that gift even more special? Come stop by Johnston Jewelers and get a custom jewelry design. We've been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1972, providing quality jewelry to suit the needs of each customer.

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