An Inside Look at Johnston Jewelers 45th Anniversary

An Inside Look at Johnston Jewelers 45th Anniversary

August 24, 2017

If you're anything like us, you can't learn enough about jewelry. 

You devour listicles about the most iconic jewels of all time, and Elizabeth Taylor is your personal role model. 

So, for all you jewelry junkies out there, we want to take the time to tell you a little bit about the history of our house, Johnston Jewelers. 

Join us as we take you through 45 years of cut, clarity, color, and so much more. 

Our Inception

Johnston Jewelers was born in 1972, though we've been one of Florida's largest jewelry manufacturers since 1948.

Many consider the 1970s to be the "Golden Age" of jewelry design. It was an era of bold statements, huge pieces, and custom creations designed to cater to the taste of each individual client. 

We opened our store in the Tampa Bay Area to meet the growing demands of the local market. Our goal then was -- and continues to be -- to create timeless pieces that are elegant, unique, and affordable. 

Johnston Jewelers has proudly billed itself as a family business since our inception.

We are thrilled to say that this tradition has continued through the generations. Today, the third generation of the Johnston family continues to emphasize a commitment to quality, expert craftsmanship, and eye-catching design -- at a variety of price ranges. 

Growth And Expansion

Thanks to our high standards and dedication to our growing clientele, we were quickly able to expand our offerings and product lines. 

We have always prided ourselves on serving as a sort of "one-stop-shopping" center for those interested in the wonderful world of jewelry. 

As we continued to grow, we emphasized jewelry repair as a section of our business -- and still do to this day. We believe that your pieces are too special to place in the hands of just anybody. 

You need someone you know you can trust, who has the experience, training, and respect for the pieces you need repaired.

Johnston Jewelers Custom Jewelry

Over the years, we've noticed much of our clientele has a strong interest in customized jewelry. Whether it's a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet, we'll help you bring your vision to life. 

There are, of course, countless reasons and occasions when creating a customized piece elevates the entire experience, making something like a proposal or anniversary gift all the more special.

This starts with selecting the perfect stone, which is why we sell a variety of loose diamonds for you to choose from. This customized process is another opportunity for us to allow our history and traditions to shine. 

As we progressed and continued to grow, we even created an option to allow our clients to transform older, heirloom pieces into something more modern. 

Johnston Jewelers Today

Of course, the best way to really get to know our history, not to mention our family members and pieces themselves, is to stop in for a visit!

Whether that visit is online or in person, we make it a point to ensure we're meeting the needs of you as an individual.

Whether you want to create a piece from scratch or find the perfect match in the pieces we have already, we're here to help you enjoy the process. 

We can't wait to serve you and your loved ones for another 45 years. 

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