Buy a Comfort Fit Ring: The Best Way to Find Your Ring Size

Buy a Comfort Fit Ring: The Best Way to Find Your Ring Size

Are you ready to buy your first luxury ring? A beautiful gemstone or even a classic gold ring will make any hand look dazzling.

The right ring will increase your confidence and they’re the perfect accessory for any setting. But here’s one common issue — you need to know your ring size.

Any experienced jeweler will be able to help you measure your ring size. But are you the DIY type of person? Don’t worry — there are ways to measure your ring size at home so you know your size when you enter the jewelry store.

No matter how perfect the ring is, a comfort fit ring is essential. Here’s the best way to find your ring size.

The Different Ring Sizes

Ring size is measured in millimeters. But every country uses a different ring sizing classification. In the US, our ring sizes vary between a size 3 (the smallest) and a size 14 (the biggest). Women’s fingers usually don’t surpass a size 9.

The goal is the measure the diameter of your finger.

Keep in mind, there are two different tests. The test you use determines what millimeter measurement you use. For example, the string test uses millimeters as high as 47.5 mm. The ring test uses millimeters as small as 14.5 mm.

The Two Ring Size Tests

Here’s a breakdown of the two ring tests.

The String Test

You can usually tie a piece of string, ribbon, and even dental floss around your finger to determine your ring size. Here’s the process.

What you need:

  • String, ribbon, or floss
  • Ruler
  • Pen or pencil

Tie the string around your ring, close to your knuckle. Mark where you tie your string. Untie the string and lay the string flat. Measure the beginning of the ring to the mark where the strings overlap. Remember — you’re using millimeters!

Here’s a chart to determine which size you are:

  • 47.5 mm = size 3
  • 49 mm = size 4
  • 51 mm = size 5
  • 53.5 mm = size 6
  • 56 mm = size 7
  • 585.5 mm = size 8
  • 61 mm = size 9
  • 63.5 mm = size 10
  • 66 mm = size 11
  • 68.5 mm = size 12
  • 71 mm = size 13
  • 74 mm = size 14

Keep in mind, your ring may be a half size. Half sizes increase by 0.4 millimeters.

These are also general measurements. Each jewelry store is different. It’s best to try the ring on in-store before purchasing the ring.

The Ring Test

Another easy method is to use the ring test. Take a ring you already own and a tape measure and measure the diameter of the ring. Here are the ring sizes:

  • 14.5 mm = size 3
  • 15.5 mm = size 4
  • 16.5 mm = size 5
  • 17 mm = size 6
  • 18 mm = size 7
  • 19 mm = size 8
  • 20 mm = size 9
  • 21 mm = size 10
  • 21.5 mm = size 11
  • 22.5 mm = size 12
  • 23 mm = size 13
  • 24 mm = size 14

As mentioned before, half ring sizes increase by 0.4 mm. You should also try on the ring in-store before purchasing.

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