Celebrate Your Beliefs With These Custom Jewish Jewelry Ideas

Celebrate Your Beliefs With These Custom Jewish Jewelry Ideas

Symbols have always been a popular inspiration for jewelry and fashion trends.

Jewish inspired jewelry is a hot trend that is perfect for both Jewish and non-Jewish fashionistas alike. If you're wondering what types of Jewish jewelry are available for purchase, look no further. We are going to go over some of the most stylish Jewish jewelry options.

Star of David

This is a classic Jewish symbol that has been a classic inspiration for necklaces, bracelets, charms, and rings. This symbol originates from King David. He adorned his shield with this star, and it has since become a symbol of King David and of Judaism in general.

You can find this symbol on many different types of Jewelry in different metals and designs. Many people choose gold for the material with Star of David jewelry because it matches the "star" quality of the symbol.

This is a great place to start with Jewish inspired jewelry because the symbol is easily recognizable as one of Judaism.


A hamsa is a symbol that originated in Islamic and pagan religions, but it has come to be seen as a symbol of Judaism. It is believed to be directly related to the story of Moses with ties specifically linking it to Moses' sister Miriam.

This symbol depicts a hand with an eye embedded in the palm. Even if you weren't familiar with the Jewish origins, it's highly likely you've seen this symbol before as it is on trend in both fashion and jewelry.

You will often see this symbol made into charm bracelets and necklaces. You can also find hamsa rings and earrings as well.

Hebrew Lettering

You can find necklaces and bracelets engraved with Hebrew lettering for a unique and interesting piece of jewelry. There are also charms of specific Hebrew letters and words.

A common phrase for these types of pieces is "chai" in Hebrew lettering, which means "life" or "alive". If you want a piece of jewelry to say something specific in Hebrew lettering, consider having something custom made.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah is a part of the Jewish tradition. The main belief of Kabbalah is that God is mysterious and his essence and world understanding can be understood through learning and intimacy with God.

Surprisingly, this somewhat lesser known subset of Judaism sparked a huge trend in jewelry. Both Jews and non-Jews sport red string Kabbalah bracelets, Kabbalah necklaces, rings, and more. Even celebs have been spotted wearing this jewelry.

Jewish Jewelry Options You'll Love

Picking out a piece of jewelry isn't always easy, especially when you have so many great options to choose from. Even though it might seem like there wouldn't be many options, this is still the case for Jewish inspired jewelry.

You could go for a classic Star of David or try a completely custom Hebrew engraved piece. The good news is, each of these can show off your Jewish heritage in a trendy and stylish way.

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