December Birthstones: Facts About Blue Topaz and Turquoise

December Birthstones: Facts About Blue Topaz and Turquoise

December is an exciting time to have a birthday. The holidays are upon us, and it's busy for everyone involved.

And, the birthstones for December are particularly notable. Let's go through the most exciting facts about December birthstones.

Blue Topaz

Other shades of topaz are the birthstone of November, but blue topaz alone is reserved for December.

Blue topaz is rare, and is therefore usually created rather than found in nature. Blue topaz is created by heating a topaz stone that lacks coloring. Topaz can be found in many different countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil, and Russia. 

Blue topaz has been used in different cultures for many centuries now. The ancient Egyptians believed that topaz, when worn, could prevent them from injury. During the Middle Ages, people believed that topaz could help people heal themselves from a wide variety of ailments.

Blue topaz is meant to symbolize love and undying loyalty, which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring. It's also an 8 on the Mohs scale, so it's able to be worn on a regular basis. If you're planning to propose to someone with a December birthdate, you should definitely consider going with blue topaz stones.

Blue Topaz is also used as one of the symbols of the fourth anniversary, so if yours is coming up this may be the perfect time to invest in blue topaz stones. 


Turquoise is one of the softer gemstones out there, as its place on the Mohs scale is between five and six. But, that doesn't mean it isn't a great birthstone to have. It gets its name from the French word for Turkish since the French purchased Turquoise stones from Turkish traders. Turquoise can be found all around the world, including in Mexico, Tanzania, Australia, and Brazil.

In some ancient cultures, turquoise has been believed to be a symbol of good luck. Today, turquoise is thought to symbolize creativity, friendship, and patience. Turquoise is particularly important in some Native American cultures, where the stones were often used in healing practices.

Turquoise was also added to weapons in order to ensure accuracy. And, the stone is sometimes used to this day in sculptures and architecture.

Turquoise is found in many places around the world, including in the United States. Most turquoise is a bluish-green color. The color of this stone is so unique that the color turquoise was actually named after it. 

But you won't want to leave turquoise out too long. Turquoise's color can fade when exposed to direct sunlight, along with other factors. 

December Birthstones: Now You Know

December birthstones are some of the most interesting gems out there, and they're not bad to look at, either. So, if you've got a loved one born in December, you may want to think about purchasing jewelry with these gemstones.

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