Digging Into the Significance of July's Birthstone, the Ruby

Digging Into the Significance of July's Birthstone, the Ruby

July 15, 2022

The price of a ruby can range up to $100,000, with one ruby being recorded as costing more than a million dollars.

Whether you were born in July and proudly wear your birthstone, or you own one of these valuable gemstones for other reasons, you may not know the stone's history and significance. 

This article goes beyond the question of "What is July's birthstone?" to provide a quick guide to the fascinating gem. Keep reading for facts about rubies and details about the July birthstone.

What Is a Ruby?

Some facts about rubies are that they are one of the most famous gemstones and come in different hues of red. 

The word "ruby" comes from the Latin word "rubeus," which means "red." Red often conjures up thoughts of passion and love, making the ruby a perfect symbol for romantic feelings. 

That red color is due to chromium. The more chromium in a ruby, the redder it will be. Chromium can also make rubies look like they're glowing because of the element's fluorescence. 

While diamonds are the hardest stone, rubies come in second. They claim the title of the hardest gemstone that contains color. 

What Do Rubies Represent?

Rubies are commonly associated with love and romance. Not only are they a popular gem to include in engagement rings, but they're also given as gifts on people's 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries

Rubies are also associated with power. Because rubies are so hard, they were used to represent strength and healing. By wearing a ruby, people believed it could help cure them of illness, calm their anger, and better their health. 

And the power of the ruby didn't only apply to physical health. Some people also thought rubies could predict negative events of the future, helping keep you from harm's way. For this reason, it was a token worn in battle, too. 

If the ruby is your birthstone, you can take pride in knowing that it represents love, good health, and wisdom. 

The July Birthstone: A History

Now you know the meaning behind rubies, but where did they come from in the first place? 

Some of the most well-known and first-found rubies were discovered in Burma, or what is now Myanmar. Specifically, the Mogok area produced many spectacular rubies, so vibrant and red that they were called "Pigeon's Blood Rubies." Rubies were found here for more than five centuries. 

But Myanmar isn't the only ruby source. Vietnam started producing rubies in the late 20th century. These rubies had a purplish tint to their red hue. These days, people tend to the soil in the hopes of discovering beautiful rubies they can sell to make money. 

In the last century, rubies were found along the border of Thailand and Cambodia, boosting their gemstone market. The most recent new ruby source is in Mozambique, where rubies are being mined extensively. 

But that's not all. Places like Madagascar, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan are all main providers of rubies. 

The Symbolic Ruby 

Rubies are more than just the July birthstone. As a symbol of passion and power, and with a long history of production, they're gemstones with a beautiful story.

If you're interested in jewelry that spotlights rubies (or other unique gemstones!), let us help you discover the perfect piece for your collection.

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