Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Designer Watch

Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Designer Watch

January 24, 2018

Some people may assume that the prevalence of smartphones for telling time would have made wristwatches obsolete. In reality, watches remain a popular item, with over 1 million sales annually.

A designer watch makes a great accessory for a high-end look. Wearing the right watch can elevate your outfit and communicate the sense of style you are aiming to portray.

Ready to buy the perfect watch?

Check out this guide to help you get started.


To find the right watch, it is important to choose a size that complements your body and style. If you choose a watch that is too large, it could look gaudy or overpowering. By contrast, if you choose a watch that is too small, it may look awkward.

The face sizes of watches are measured in millimeters, and most men's watches are 34-50mm in diameter. For men with a 6 to 7-inch wrist, a 34-40mm watch is a good, standard size. If you are a bigger guy with a wrist larger than 7 inches, you may prefer those on the larger end, ranging from 44-50 mm.


Different watches work better with different types of styles. If you are choosing a dress watch, you should choose a leather band. A good idea is to have a watch with a black band and a brown band so your watch can match your belt and your shoes.

Another popular style of watch is the Dive watch. These watches are characterized by their large faces and wide metal bands.

As the name suggests, they were designed for people who spend time near water. These watches are very versatile and can be worn with casual, business casual, and business professional wear.


There are a couple of different mechanisms you can choose from to power your watch. Many modern watches run on small batteries that keep the hands ticking. Because these watches are powered by electricity, they are considered more accurate than mechanical options.

Other watches are considered self-winding and instead use your body's movement and gravity to keep going. The one drawback of a self-winding watch is that if you do not wear it every day it will lose time and need to be rewound.

That said, many people prefer these watches because they do not require purchasing replacement batteries.


Another factor to consider when purchasing your watch is how much information you want from it. Do you just want the time? Do you need a second hand?

Watches come with plenty of extra features, including date, moon phase, alarms, etc. Some folks prefer watches with these extra pieces of information, even if just for the aesthetic appeal. Others may want to stick with a more simplistic style.

Get Your Designer Watch Today

With this guide, you will be able to choose the perfect designer watch to complete your look, whether you are going for something dressy or something more casual. If you need more help exploring your options, contact us, and our jewelry professionals will guide you to the perfect fit.

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