How to Choose Jewelry for the November Birthstones

How to Choose Jewelry for the November Birthstones

October 24, 2022

Are you tired of giving the same old gifts to your loved ones every year? Finding a beautiful and personal gift is as simple as knowing their birth month. As November comes closer, consider giving the gift of birthstone jewelry.

Every month has one or two designated birthstones designed to honor those who were born during that time. Birthstone jewelry is a great way to customize a special gift for yourself or someone else.

November has not one but two birthstones. Read on to discover more about the history of the November birthstones as well as how to choose jewelry to display them.

What Are the November Birthstones?

The birthstones for November are topaz and citrine. Topaz was originally the only birthstone for November, but citrine was added officially in 1952.

Topaz comes in a wide range of colors, including orange, blue, pink, purple, and yellow. You are able to find topaz deposits in various locations such as Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, Namibia, Pakistan, and Russia.

Citrine typically comes in various shades of yellow and orange. Most citrine comes from Brazil, Russia, and Madagascar.

The History and Benefits of Topaz and Citrine

In ancient cultures, topaz gave warriors strength during battle. It was also used by Egyptians to attract the powers of the sun god Ra. These powers helped to alleviate sickness during the full moon.

There are many healing powers that topaz is said to possess. Many people believe that topaz can relieve arthritis pain and aid in digestion. If you put topaz under your pillow at night, it will fight off nightmares and promote a sound sleep.

In ancient times, citrine was used for soothing tempers and creating a peaceful environment. It is a calming gemstone and was used as an aid during times of conflict.

Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism. This precious gemstone helps to create opportunities and manifest financial prosperity. 

Choosing Your Jewelry

Now that you know the history and healing powers of these gems, it's time to buy your jewelry. Here are a few options for your topaz and citrine jewelry.


When it comes to November birthstone rings, topaz is a great choice. Topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning it is hard to scratch. This makes it a great option for an everyday ring. You can wear it at all times without it showing signs of wear and tear.


Both topaz and citrine are great options for bracelets. Because topaz comes in a variety of colors, you have endless options for jewelry in shades of blue, purple, pink, and more! The gorgeous yellow color of citrine also makes for a popular bracelet option.


You can't go wrong with a citrine birthstone necklace. The beautiful yellow coloring looks gorgeous as light reflects off of it.

Try choosing a necklace with a large citrine stone. This makes for a wonderful statement piece that is sure to get many compliments.

Pick Out Your Birthstone Jewelry Today

Both of the November birthstones make for gorgeous jewelry options. Now that you know the history and benefits of each stone, it's time to find the perfect jewelry to match your style.

Feel free to contact us for more information on buying jewelry for yourself or your loved ones.

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