How To Clean Your Engagement Ring (And What Not to Do)

How To Clean Your Engagement Ring (And What Not to Do)

You've probably been dreaming about your engagement ring for a long, long time.

Princess cut or cushion cut? High or low setting? Does it have a halo? 

You hope against hope that he'll choose the perfect ring when he pops the question.

And finally, he does. Just like your groom-to-be, the ring is perfect. Which means you're going to want to take care of it.

However, there's a right and wrong way to clean your ring. Read on to learn just what and what not to do to ensure a long and happy relationship with your ring!

What Not to Do

It seems that the most logical way to clean your ring would be to use commercial silver and gold cleaners. They're made exactly for your needs, and are the most convenient, right?


Commercial cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that will actually dull your metal over time. It's best to avoid them, along with other harsh chemicals, like chlorine, acetone, and bleach.

So...Speaking of chemicals.

Don't forget that your typical bathroom cleaning supplies contain them. These will dull your ring and erode the metal.

Make sure you remove your ring when cleaning the bathroom, or doing dishes with harsh chemicals.

Make sure that you're taking your ring off when you're getting down and dirty cooking, too. The last thing you want is cookie dough stuck in your ring. Lotions and creams can also create a film over your diamond, making it appear less brilliant.

What You Should Be Doing

Luckily, what you should be doing to clean your ring is simple. You already have everything you need: dish soap and a toothbrush.

Here's what you do: squirt some dish soap into a dish, and add warm water. Place your ring in the soapy water. Then, let it sit for fifteen minutes. This will help loosen up any dirt or grime hiding in the crevasses. 

Then, take a toothbrush and lightly scrub the ring with the warm, soapy water. Be sure to hit the area underneath that touches your finger.

Dry with a soft, cotton cloth. Don't use paper towels, as they can scratch the metal. Let your engagement ring air dry for 15-30 minutes before you put it back on. This should be done every couple of weeks.

There's another way to clean your ring if you're out of dish soap, though: you can soak your ring in vodka or gin!

This is how Elizabeth Taylor was taught to clean hers.

Besides these methods, make sure you're taking your engagement ring in to be cleaned professionally twice a year. Your jeweler can steam clean your ring. They can also check the integrity of the setting to make sure you don't lose any of your precious jewels.

Your Engagement Ring Is Our Investment, Too

If you bought your ring from Johnston Jewelers, bring it in to us to have it cleaned professionally. Even if you didn't purchase from us, we would love to take care of it for you.

If you're still searching for the perfect ring, check out a list of the amazing designers we carry. Then, come in and have a look for yourself!

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