Jewelry Collections 101

Jewelry Collections 101

A carefully chosen jewelry collection is as unique as a fingerprint, reflecting your style and history. Among various styles, certain timeless pieces are essential for any collection. They provide a reliable base for daily wear and special events.

The foundation of a jewelry collection is classic stud earrings. Diamond studs offer versatile sparkle, suitable for casual and formal outfits. Alternatively, sapphire or pearl studs offer sophistication with a touch of color.

A statement watch is vital for the modern woman. It's more than a timekeeper; it's a style statement and a symbol of punctuality. Whether it's a traditional metal band or a casual leather strap, choose one that suits your taste and pairs well with various outfits.

Rings are also key. A simple gold band is elegantly understated, while a signet ring adds personal or contemporary flair. For special events, a cocktail ring with a large gemstone makes a bold statement.

An essential necklace is next. A delicate chain with a pendant is perfect for daily wear, while a longer, versatile necklace suits different styles and necklines.

Bracelets, like a bangle or stackables, elevate simple outfits. Choose ones that complement other pieces in your collection, suitable for various occasions.

Every jewelry box needs hoop earrings. Whether slim silver hoops or bold, thick designs, they frame the face and complete both day and night looks.

At Johnston Jewelers, we recognize the importance of these timeless pieces as the foundation of your jewelry story. With over 50 years of experience, we assist in selecting items that symbolize your unique elegance. Whether starting or expanding your collection, we help you find lasting, essential treasures.
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