May Birthstone: History, Meaning, and Symbolism of the Emerald Birthstone

May Birthstone: History, Meaning, and Symbolism of the Emerald Birthstone

Emeralds are much rarer than diamonds. They're also no less beautiful; you may be surprised to know that they can fetch a much higher price than diamonds.

Let's celebrate the month of May by learning about the history of May's birthstone: the gorgeous emerald.

The emerald birthstone is not only special because of its bedazzling coloring; the gem has spiritual and historical legacies as well. Read on to learn more about the meaning of the emerald and how it's used in emerald jewelry.

History of the Emerald Birthstone

Emeralds symbolize truth and love.

Part of this symbolism originated in Ancient Greek; the Grecians associated emeralds with the goddess Aphrodite, whose domain is love.

Ancient Egyptians also prized emeralds as symbols of eternal life. Only the most revered pharaohs were buried with emeralds. They also thought the gem to have special healing properties, and they were often made into amulets of health.

The stunning Cleopatra absolutely prized emeralds for their beauty.

Love, truth, and the eternal; in a world where so much is transient, these principles are extra attractive.

If you have a loved one born in May, you'd do well to bestow them with emeralds to symbolize your everlasting true love to them and to wish them good health.

Springtime Gem

Emeralds are the perfect gem to symbolize Spring.

Think of the tender buds rupturing to a new dawn. The luminous transparency of emeralds is the only gem that quite captures the essence of Spring.

Emeralds evoke rebirth and renewal, and they define the color green, which in turn defines the season of Spring.

When to Gift Emeralds

Emeralds are the premier gift for celebrating 20th or 30th anniversaries. If you and your loved one have been together that long, your partner would for sure appreciate you commemorating this occasion with a symbol of health and lasting love.

Since emeralds also symbolize Spring, they carry additional meaning. Relationships that last for a long time can get stale; gift emeralds to indicate your lasting commitment to your relationship and to giving it the energy you gave it when it first started out.

Birthstone Symbology

What about emerald symbolism as the May birthstone?

Emeralds are contradictory and fascinating in a way. They symbolize new beginnings as well as something eternal.

Think about it: Spring is often the domain of new life (we're looking at baby bunnies outside our window as we write this), but it's also cyclical and, therefore, eternal in nature.

Spring will always come around, and new life will arise in the springtime.

As a May birthstone, emeralds' symbolic legacies always capture this interesting contradiction in meaning.

Consider getting your loved ones emerald jewelry if you want to wish them good health, new beginnings, or lasting love and happiness.

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