November Birthstones: What You Need to Know About Topaz and Citrine

November Birthstones: What You Need to Know About Topaz and Citrine

Happy Birthday, Sagittarians! When November and December roll around, you have a lot more than the holidays to celebrate.

One way to celebrate is to wear your November birthstones as jewelry. You're lucky since some months don't have two beautiful gems like citrine and topaz to wear.

But even most Sagittarians don't know much about their November birthstones. With that in mind, we want to share with you everything you need to know about topaz and citrine so you can find the perfect piece of jewelry.

Keep reading to learn all about these beautiful stones and why they represent November babies.

Why There are Two November Birthstones

Birthstones have been popular since ancient times. Ancient civilizations believed gemstones possessed powers such as prosperity, luck, and good health.

While most months only have one gemstone, there are five months with two or more gemstones. The current gemstones associated with months aren't necessarily the same birthstones used in ancient times. November is one of those months with two gemstones.

Back then, color was the most important feature and they lacked the resources to distinguish between gems. Back then, a ruby and a garnet were considered to be the same gem.

Topaz Comes in Many Colors

Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors and it's usually named after the color such as pink topaz. But there are some trade names such as Imperial topaz which is usually a reddish-orange hue.

Much of the high-quality topaz is mined from Brazil. Pakistan is another place known for mining quality topaz. You can also find topaz in Africa, Asia, and even North America.

Properties of Topaz

It's thought that topaz possesses many benefits. Ancient Greeks used topaz to give them strength. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed topaz could help them dispel anger and thwart off evil spells. They also thought topaz would protect them from the plague.

Topaz is also thought to possess healing benefits. Which benefits you receive often depends on which color topaz you are wearing.

Topaz is good for your mind if you're searching to bring in more joy and honesty in your life. It can strengthen and heal your body. And spiritually speaking, topaz is thought to bring you a mind/body/spirit connection.

The Hues of Citrine

Citrine comes in fewer hues. This gemstone tends to be anywhere from a transparent yellow to a brownish orange. It's a variety of quartz.

It's interesting to note that this November birthstone is not often found in nature. Instead, most citrine that's sold is the result of heat treating amethyst.

Properties of Citrine

Citrine has been worn for thousands of years but it didn't come into fashion until Queen Victoria began wearing it in the mid-1800s. However, despite this lofty association, citrine is actually a very affordable November birthstone.

Citrine is often worn as a way to deter negativity. For the body, it helps purge toxins while increasing your energy. Spiritually, citrine is used to amplify magical energy.

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