Opal: October's Gemstone of Dreams and Legends

Opal: October's Gemstone of Dreams and Legends

Opals, embodying a realm of celestial colors, have long been revered as a bridge between the earth and the heavens. This gemstone, celebrated for its kaleidoscope of shifting hues, has long held a fascination that transcends cultures and epochs.

The Mythical Allure of Opal:
Opals have been shrouded in myths and legends. Ancient Romans hailed them as symbols of hope and purity, while the Greeks believed they held the powers of prophecy and were tears of joy from the heavens. In the vast stretches of the Australian Outback, where many opals are sourced, indigenous legends spoke of opals as the Creator's footprints on Earth, illuminated by a rainbow.

Opal's Modern Charm:
Beyond myths, opals have an undeniable modern appeal. Their play-of-color, an optical phenomenon where colors dance and shift with the light, makes each opal piece a unique work of art. Whether set in earrings that catch the light with every movement or as a statement ring that becomes the talking point of every gathering, opals are a testament to nature's artistry.

Investing in Opal:
The rarity of opals, combined with their stunning beauty, makes them highly sought after. As each stone is unique, owning an opal is akin to owning a piece of the universe, unparalleled and unmatched.

At Johnston Jewelers, our passion for opals has spanned over 50 years. We believe in curating pieces that don't just speak of luxury but tell tales of the earth, skies, and oceans. As you contemplate immortalizing an event or emotion, let opals be the medium. Trust in our heritage to guide you to the opal that sings to your heart, ensuring each choice is a harmonious blend of investment and sentiment.

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