Pros and Cons of Shopping for an Engagement Ring Together

Pros and Cons of Shopping for an Engagement Ring Together

Marriage has come a long way since the days of dowries and literally giving women away. It's come so far in fact that more and more women aren't changing their last names.

So, with all these changes it's not surprising that ring shopping is changing too. Nowadays, many couples are shopping for engagement rings together.

To some, this trend kills the proposal romance and to others, it makes the fiancee feel like an equal partner. So you can get a clear look on ring shopping together, we've laid out pros, cons, and tips below.

Ring Shopping Pros: The Right Ring

Think about this: you've found the spouse of your dreams, they propose in the perfect way but when they open the box... a shiny but ugly ring glints up at you.

Neither party wants this situation to be the case. The only thing the proposed should be thinking after is how excited they are to spend their life with you.

Not how to discreetly exchange the ring.

Ring shopping together gets rid of this conundrum. The proposed gets to pick out a ring that they love and the proposer doesn't have to worry about picking the right one.

Ring Shopping Pros: Quality Time

As soon-to-be married people, it's important to spend quality time together. Ring shopping is one way you can do that.

It will show you how well you two work together as a team and you might just learn something about each other.

Ring Shopping Cons: It's Not Romantic

Feminist or not, most people have dreamed of getting proposed to since they first saw How He Asked. Part of that excitement is the element of surprise.

The other part is getting a ring you'll love. There's this idea that your significant other knows you so well, they'll pick out the perfect ring.

It's an unfair standard, but romance doesn't always make sense. When you go ring shopping together, you're losing that element.

Cons: Touchy Subjects

Engagement rings are expensive and they're supposed to be. The old wives tale rule is that they should cost three months pay. When ring shopping together, it's possible that your partner's eyes could be bigger than your budget.

Since you love them and want them to love the ring, it can be hard to say "No, we can't afford that". If those puppy dog eyes are good enough, you can be swayed to spend more than you wanted.

To avoid this conundrum, set a budget beforehand. If you have time, go to the jeweler alone and set an appointment. Tell them your budget and let them know you don't have any wiggle room.

If they're a quality jeweler, they'll only show you rings you can afford. Keeping your partner's eyes from wandering to the more expensive cases is up to you.

Ring Shopping Together

In the end, only you two can decide if shopping together is right for you. If you're wondering, bring it up in casual conversation.

Say something like, "My friend and their partner went engagement ring shopping together. What do you think about that?"

Taking it away from the personal gives you two a good avenue for discussion. If they seem against it but you need guidance, see if they have a wedding Pinterest board.

Otherwise, take pictures of some of their jewelry and show it to your jeweler. They'll get a good idea of style and be happy to help.

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