Should Men in Florida Choose Tungsten Rings for Their Wedding Band?

Should Men in Florida Choose Tungsten Rings for Their Wedding Band?

Finding the perfect wedding band for the groom may seem like a simple task to cross off your wedding to-do list. Gold, silver, and platinum are some of the most popular choices. However, there is one alternative metal that many people are starting to consider!

With tungsten, you can find a ring that represents your love, matches his style, and meets other very important requirements. So, why should men in Florida choose tungsten rings? Read on to find out!


Living in Florida you often find yourself outdoors, whether that be a day at the beach or enjoying a day out in the sunshine. You'll need a ring that can stand up to the conditions and with tungsten that's exactly what you can expect.

Diamonds are the hardest material known to man, rating a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Tungsten carbide has a Mohs rating of 9. This means that your tungsten ring is incredibly resistant to scratching making it one of the best wedding rings for men.

Not only does that make it more scratch-resistant but it also means that it will not bend as easily as popular precious metals. If you were to be in an accident, it's likely not to bend and cause further damage. It's a perfect option for those who work in heavy machinery or find that they may suffer any damages to their hands.


Men's tungsten rings are quite a bit more affordable than most others as well. Tungsten carbide rings can be found for around $300. A great improvement from the near $1,000 that some can spend on gold or other precious metals.

If anything were to happen to the ring, it would be fairly easy to replace. So, you don't have to worry about losing it in the ocean or it slipping off as you cast your fishing pole.


Metal allergies might take gold and other metals off the table completely. Tungsten is a naturally hypoallergenic option for those who have more sensitive skin.

It's always best to try out a tungsten wedding ring in Tampa at our store first. This can help you find out if you have any reactions to metals that you were not aware of.


Tungsten rings for men have a unique appearance compared to other metals. They offer this outstanding grey-like metallic color. You can find tungsten rings that appear white and black too.

As long as you do not have other metal allergies, you can find plated tungsten rings. This will give you the ability to lower your cost and still get the appearance of your desired precious metal.

Tungsten Rings: A Top Choice for Florida Grooms

In the more extreme humidity and outdoorsy nature of most Floridians, you want to ensure that your ring can stand the test of time. Just like your love, tungsten rings will keep their shine for years to come. When considering men's wedding band options, be sure to consider this amazing metal.

Looking for the most perfect wedding bands Tampa has to offer? Contact us or visit us in-store today to see what we have in store for you.

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