Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie with These 5 Tips

Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie with These 5 Tips

May 07, 2018

The average engagement ring in America costs over $6,350. With a price tag like that, you want to make sure to show your engagement ring pics off in style.

Here are five tips to take the best ring selfie before your big day.

1. Get Your Nails Done

Almost everyone you know is going to want to see your ring! But almost everyone you know is not going to want to see all the nails you bit off nervously at last week's office meeting.

If your proposal was a complete surprise, and you cannot wait to take a photo to show everybody: a little bit of lotion and a creative pose can go a long way.

Maybe just hold hands with your fiance, so those nails are nowhere in sight?

If you do have the patience to take a picture of the ring, take the time to treat yourself. Get a manicure before posting photos of your engagement ring. This will boost your confidence, and make that ring shine even more.

2. Turn the Lights On

Just like with everyday selfies and photos: lighting can make a huge difference in how a photograph turns out.

Regardless of their size or cut, diamonds are known for their luminosity. Do not miss out on taking a bright photo of that beautiful engagement ring on your finger because you want to rush things.

Take some time play around with your ring and the lighting. You will know what suits your hand and your ring best.

3. Find the Perfect Background Setting

Maybe you want to take a photo in the exact location of where they popped the question. Or maybe you are a little more sentimental, and you want the first photo of your engagement ring to be in the exact same place your parents wed.

However or wherever you choose, make sure you are picking a location that works best for you and your ring. You would hate for the colors to clash and for it to throw off the whole picture.

4. Take A Lot of Photos: Only Upload One

While you must be very excited about your engagement, and those who love you are as well, it can be a bit much to post dozens of ring selfies.

So, why not take a bunch, and then just choose the best one?

Not only will this save you time [you will only have to respond to people's "congratulations" on one link], but it is the modest way to go about things as well.

If you are unsure which one to choose, or how your hand may look best, look to other brides for inspiration.

5. Engagement Ring Pics' Best Friend: PhotoShop

Now some people may disagree with this one, and that is fine. But PhotoShop is a tool that can be used for many things.

Not only can mess around with the size of the photo, the contrast, the brightness, and the saturation: it will put your mind at ease knowing that you were able to put the very best digital ring selfie up.

First Comes Love, then Comes Selfies...

Getting engaged is an exciting time for you and your fiance!

In the modern era, can you think of a better way to share your joy than with engagement ring pics? Not only does it spread the word fast, but it also allows everyone to know at the same time (no picking favorites).

Make sure to show everyone that ring for the first time with pride. Be selective in how and where you take a picture. And let computers and nail technicians be your aids.

This is the first photo on a journey into the rest of your life!

Questions or Comments? Please feel free to contact us!

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