The 5 Best Wedding Proposals of All Time

The 5 Best Wedding Proposals of All Time

Thinking of popping the question?

If so, let our list of the 5 best wedding proposals be your guide. The men featured here went way beyond the basic bended knee. Read on to get some inspiration for yourself!

1. The White Roses

If you're from New York City, you're going to have to really go all out to impress your potential bride! This groom-to-be did just that.

He bought a basket of white roses, then set up a fake "photo shoot" for his actress girlfriend. Then, asked several people he met on the street to give his girlfriend the roses, one by one. (Hey, who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?)

She thought it was all part of the shoot until she noticed her friends were also there, handing her white roses! They led her to Central Park, where her groom waited with the final rose. 

2. The Sand Design

This mystery man asked his girlfriend to marry him by drawing an incredible piece of art into the sand. 

The work of art included traditional Celtic love notes, horses, and countless other details. Whoever "Maria" is, we're certain that she said yes. 

3. The Literary Proposal

This couple shares and bonded over a love for literature -- specifically, the works of Jane Austen. 

The bride's groom surprised her by having her friends dress entirely in Austen-era costumes. When she got home from work, the "play" began. Her friends started to re-enact a section of the book.

Then, they gave the bride a period-appropriate dress. As her family members also appeared, in costume, she soon saw her groom, dressed as Mr. Darcy. The family and friends re-enacted the entire half-hour proposal scene of the book. 

Of course, she said yes. 

4. The Splash Mountain Proposal

Let's face it -- any relationship can be a roller coaster. 

But one groom proposed to his girlfriend on a literal roller coaster -- the famous Splash Mountain at Disney

On the ride, there's a moment where a picture is taken. The groom asked all his friends to hold up signs reading "Will you," "marry," and "me?" 

When the couple got off the ride and went to go check out their photos, the shocked bride-to-be really got the ride of her life. 

5. The Chance Card

This man and his bride-to-be are huge fans of Monopoly. So, he had an entirely personalized Monopoly board created, based on their favorite places and experiences of their relationships. 

He even bought loaded dice to ensure that his love would roll the right amount of spaces to get the famous "Chance Card." 

On that Chance Card? 

Him asking her to take a "chance" on him. 

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These proposals didn't make it on our list of the best wedding proposals because they did what everyone else did. Instead, they put their own unique spin on it.

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