The 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

The 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry you'll give or receive.
It's a tangible statement of your love for another person -- and there's a lot of pressure to get it exactly right. 

Whether you're thinking of getting engaged or just want to get inspiration from the stars, you'll love our list of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings. 

1. Anna Kournikova's Pink Diamond

When pop superstar Enrique Iglesias wanted to pop the question to tennis legend Anna Kournikova, he certainly spared no expense. 

This $2.5 million pear-cut pink diamond, created by Arglye Jewels, weighs in at a whopping 11 carats. It's also flanked by two "smaller" white diamonds on both sides. 

No wonder she said yes. 

2. Catherine Zeta Jones' Vintage Ring

Hollywood power couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are used to making headlines.  

However, what really caught the attention of the press was the vintage-style Fred Leighton ring Douglas popped the question with. It's 10 carats and designed in the 1920's style. 

One of the most unique things about this piece is that the diamond is actually turned sideways, and is surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds. These details, along with the purity of the stone itself, help to account for the ring's over $2 million price tag.

3. Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Ring

Of course, we couldn't create a list of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings without including the Grande-Dame of Diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor. 

While their relationship was always the talk of the town, the most famous aspect of her love affair with actor Richard Burton was the jewels he showered her in. 

This $8.8 million, 33-carat diamond engagement ring is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry of all time. 

4. Beyonce's Rock From Jay-Z

While rumors will likely never stop swirling about the First Couple of Hip-Hop, one thing is for certain: Jay-Z is willing to shell out serious cash on his lady. 

Beyonce's $5 million Lorraine Schwartz white diamond ring turns heads at 18 carats.

One of the reasons for the high price tag? The incredible clarity of the octagon-cut diamond itself. It's one of the clearest diamonds on any celebrity's hand, and the platinum setting only makes it stand out even more.

5. Jennifer Lopez's $4 Million Sparkler

While Jennifer Lopez has had lots of relationships, perhaps her best bounty was her engagement ring from former husband Marc Anthony. 

Created by iconic jeweler Neil Lane, this 8.5-carat white diamond is incredibly rare. To make the stone pop even more, it's flanked by two smaller white diamonds on each side.

So, while the marriage didn't last, the legacy of this incredible diamond lives on.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our List Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

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