The 6 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

The 6 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

All of the most trusted jewelers know the importance of studying famous diamonds to learn more about their characteristics such as color, cut, weight, carat, etc.

Our list will start with the diamonds that are estimated to be valued in the billions of dollars - priceless, according to some.

Here are the stats on the most expensive diamonds in the world!

1. Koh I Noor

The "Mountain of Light" has been around since the 13th century. It has a long history of being stolen and fought over by royalty.

The Persians were known to set the diamond into crowns for wearing. 

The Koh I Noor has a carat of 105. It's colorless and the size of a chicken egg. The diamond is monetarily priceless.

2. The Sancy Diamond

As with anything that has a value so high that it's deemed "priceless", the Sancy Diamond was sought after by many faces of royalty in Europe in the 1600's.

There are 40-year gaps in its history where the diamond seems to have disappeared, only to resurface and be sold time and time again.

The Sancy Diamond has a carat of 55. It's pale yellow and the size of a golf ball. The color and cut combined are what make this diamond so rare and expensive. It has no distinguishable shape which makes it so recognizable to viewers. 

3. The Cullinan

When the original stone was discovered, (before they cut it into separate gems), it weighed a little less than a pineapple!

The different stones have been set in crowns, brooches, and rings and worn by Kings and Queens all over the world.

The Cullinan diamond has a carat of 3,107. It's colorless and was so large that they cut the first diamond into 9 smaller ones. The diamond is valued at $400 million US dollars.

4.The Hope Diamond

One of the top most expensive diamonds in the world comes with a bonus story.

There is believed to be a curse on the Hope Diamond. The stone changed hands over 20 times since 1653 and its owners tell stories that will make even the most skeptical person a believer in the curse.

The Hope Diamond has 46 carats, making it the size of a US half dollar coin. It's Fancy Dark Grey Blue and worth #350 million US dollars.

5. De Beers Centenary Diamond

This is the most recently discovered diamond in our lineup, dating back to the late 1980's. It has the highest grade classification of any diamond in the world.

It is literally considered flawless on the inside and the outside.

The De Beers Centenary Diamond has 274 carats. It's the size of a small clementine, colorless, and worth $100 million US dollars. 

6. The Steinmetz

It's oval, it's pink, and it's rare. Oh, and it took almost 2 years (20 months) to cut!

The Steinmetz has 60 carats. It's the size of a ping-pong ball and Fancy Vivid Pink. The diamond is valued at $25 million US dollars.

Where Can I See These Expensive Diamonds?

Go see them yourself! Well, at least the ones that can be found.

  1. The Koh I Noor diamond is housed in the Tower of London
  2. The Sancy Diamond is in The Louvre in France
  3. One of the Cullinan Diamonds is mounted in a crown and the others are kept in state rooms in Buckingham Palace (the Queen can often be seen wearing them)
  4. The Hope Diamond is a popular attraction in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC
  5. The De Beers Centenary owners are currently unknown
  6. The Steinmetz Diamond is with the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian

After you've made it a point to view the most expensive diamonds in the world, come back to your local jeweler and find the stone that's perfect for you.

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