The Art and Precision of Watch Repair

The Art and Precision of Watch Repair

At Johnston Jewelers, we delve into the art and precision of watch repair with "Keeping Time on Your Side," offering an insider's view on the meticulous process that extends the life and performance of your treasured timepieces. Our emphasis on professional maintenance underscores the importance of expert care in preserving the essence and functionality of each watch that passes through our doors.

Recognizing the need for servicing is the first step in ensuring the longevity of a watch. Symptoms such as loss of accuracy, mechanical failure, or moisture under the crystal indicate it's time for a professional assessment. We recommend routine maintenance every 3 to 5 years to keep your watch in optimal condition.

Our repair process is thorough and transparent, beginning with a detailed examination to pinpoint any issues. Each watch is then disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for worn or damaged parts, which are either repaired or replaced. Upon reassembly, the watch is calibrated and subjected to a series of tests to guarantee its precision and reliability.

Clients of Johnston Jewelers can expect clear communication throughout the repair process. With over 50 years of experience in the craftsmanship of watch repair, our team not only advises on the necessary work but also provides estimates for both cost and duration, ensuring there are no surprises.

Choosing Johnston Jewelers for your watch repair needs means entrusting your valuable timepiece to experienced hands. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to care means your watch is not just repaired; it's restored to its timeless state, ready to keep pace with your life's moments, both big and small.

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