The Best Mother's Day Rings: Why You Should Buy Mom a New Ring

The Best Mother's Day Rings: Why You Should Buy Mom a New Ring

May 10, 2019

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Are you unsure what to buy mom? Choose one of the best Mother’s Day rings. Your mom is the most important woman in your life, right next to your partner.

Buying a ring for mom is harder than you think. You want to buy mom the most exquisite ring. However, you’ll want to avoid certain gemstones and ring styles that signify love and passion.

Before you visit the jeweler, you should have a mother’s day ring idea in mind.

Many jewelers receive lots of questions on the subject and we have the answers. Here’s why and how you should buy mom a ring.

Why Buy Mom a Ring?

Rings, in general, are memorable pieces of jewelry. On women, a ring enhances femininity and can make any outfit look exquisite. This is why a ring makes the perfect gift for all women.

But face it, your mom is the woman you adore. It’s the Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish and will flaunt constantly.

We’ll discuss types of Mother’s Day rings later. But a Mother’s Day ring can offer more meaning. This includes engraving your name, her name, and other mementoes.

The Mother’s Day Ring Tradition

Did you know a Mother’s Day ring gift is actually a tradition? The tradition started in 1959. The original Mother’s Day ring was two wedding bands put together.

Today, this isn’t your only option. Mother’s Day rings come in many styles for all moms.

Mother’s Day Rings to Buy Mom

From large gemstones to engraved metal bands, there are many types of rings your mom will love. Here are a few ideas that will help you.

Types of Metals

All rings start with the metal band. You can choose a variety of different metals that will influence the ring’s appearance, its durability, and some metals are better for certain skin types than others. Here are a few popular metal options:

  • Gold (yellow, rose, and white gold)
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Sterling silver
  • Titanium

How do you decide which metal mom will like? Take a look at the jewelry she wears. If you’re still unsure, your jeweler can provide a recommendation.


Now here’s the big question — if you want a gemstone, which one do you choose? Start with her birthstone. Birthstone rings are extremely popular and every birthstone makes for a beautiful ring.

Look up your mom’s birthstone by the month she was born. From here, find the most exquisite ring that features her birthstone.

Other Popular Gemstones

Want something more unique than her birthstone? Here are other popular ring gemstone choices:

Engraved Rings

We mentioned the engraved ring option previously. For some mothers, this is the best option. You can engrave a memento such as your name, her name, her birthday, or even the Mother’s Day date of the year you purchased the ring.

Some jewelers offer a customization service where you choose the type of metal and gemstone you want.

Buy a Mother’s Day Ring!

Now that you know all about Mother’s Day rings, are you ready to go shopping? If you’re in Tampa, contact Johnston Jeweler’s today.

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