The Best Rose Gold Accessories and Jewelry You Can Buy

The Best Rose Gold Accessories and Jewelry You Can Buy

April 26, 2019

Rose gold is one of the biggest trends in jewelry. Rose gold is a combination of gold, copper, and silver.

This combination is what produces rose gold’s distinctive pink hue. Rose gold also fits a myriad of skin tones and looks beautiful for every occasion.

Because of this trend, you see rose gold everywhere. While every rose gold piece looks beautiful, some are more timeless than others. So, how should you wear rose gold?

And which jewelry pieces should you buy in rose gold, compared to other metals?

Continue reading and know the best rose gold accessories and jewelry to buy.

Rose Gold Necklaces

Rose gold is becoming a preferred metal for necklaces. Metal necklace chains are versatile — they come in a variety of styles and lengths for all wearers. That’s why a rose gold chain is a perfect option.

Do you want to match a rose gold chain with a specific gemstone?

Not surprisingly, diamonds are the best first option. A classic white diamond on a subtle rose gold chain looks feminine and classy. Other beautiful gemstone options include pine sapphire, red garnet, ruby, aquamarine, and amethyst.

Rose Gold Ring

Whether you’re buying an engagement or wedding rose gold ring or just a simple rose gold ring to wear to casual events, rose gold is the perfect metal for any ring.

Rose gold looks glamorous with any ring. Match rose gold with any of the gemstones mentioned previously or invest in a simple rose gold band.

Rose Gold Bracelet

You’ll also see rose gold bracelets trending. Why is that?

As stated previously, rose gold compliments every skin tone — more so than white or yellow gold. Since bracelets sit directly on the wrist, it’s essential the metal color looks good with your skin.

Bracelets are also versatile. You can opt for a thick rose gold band or a thin rose gold chain. You can even opt for rose gold bracelets with other metals engraved.

Rose Gold Earring Studs

If you’re looking for a versatile earring, rose gold should be your first pick. Rose gold earrings match with any outfit and are perfect for any occasion. They’re not too flashy, perfect for both a casual day and an elegant event.

Many jewelers make unique rose gold earrings in a variety of textures and shapes so your earrings never look dull.

Rose Gold Watch

With the advent of smartwatches, we’re seeing another watch trend.

A girly yet sleek watch trend is the rose gold watch for women. Rose gold offers a beautiful pink hue yet it’s subtle and not too flashy. For the best look, find a rose gold watch that also combines basic colors such as black.

You can wear a rose gold watch alone or with other rose gold jewelry pieces for a stunning look.

Are You Looking for Rose Gold Accessories or Jewelry in Tampa?

Rose gold accessories and jewelry are seriously trending. If you’re based in Tampa, Johnston Jewelers carries the highest quality and most trending rose gold jewelry pieces. Contact us today.

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