The Ultimate Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

The Ultimate Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

April 26, 2019

Are you looking for a new bracelet, but aren’t sure which one to buy? Opt for a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet consists of several small diamonds or gems.

The gems are connected by a metal chain, usually platinum, gold, or sterling silver.

Any gem can be made into a tennis bracelet, but diamonds are by far the most popular. They were originally called “line diamond bracelets,” but they become famous by female tennis stars, specifically Chris Evert.

If you’re on the hunt for a tennis bracelet, you need to ensure you’re buying the best one. Read our buying guide and buy a tennis bracelet you’ll cherish forever.

Styles and Settings

Yes, tennis bracelets consist of diamonds or other gems on a chain. But the different styles vary.

Most tennis bracelets have a line of diamonds around the circumference of the chain. More lavish bracelets have two or three rows of stones.

The metal is also crucial to the style. If you’re choosing a diamond tennis bracelet, the metal color should match the diamond color. Popular options include white gold or platinum.

The cut of the gem also influences the style of the bracelet. Most tennis bracelets feature round-cut gems. But other popular options include princess and emerald cuts.

Even the setting style affects the bracelet’s overall style. The gems are set one of three ways — channel, prong, or bezel.

Channel setting consists of two rows of thin metal that secure the stone. Prong settings consist of three or four prongs per gem. Bezel is the metal that surrounds the gem.

Each setting type secures the gems, but each has their own unique look.

Knowing the Quality of a Tennis Bracelet

There are two main factors that determine a tennis bracelet’s quality:

  • The beauty of the gems
  • Metal quality

Before buying a tennis bracelet, it’s vital you or the jeweler magnifies the gems to assess their quality. For example, if you’re buying a diamond tennis bracelet, pay attention to the 4 C’s.

Metal quality is also vital. As mentioned previously, a tennis bracelet can be made of several metals. The type of metal you choose depends on how often you wear the bracelet and where you wear it.

For example, if you’re wearing your tennis bracelet frequently, choose a durable metal such as platinum. If you want a classic look, choose gold.

There is no best or higher quality metal. Choose a metal that looks attractive and is the best fit for you.

Buy a Tennis Bracelet Today!

The tennis bracelet is a jewelry fashion staple because of its beauty and versatility. You can sport a tennis bracelet on a casual day out and for more formal events.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the quality and style of your new bracelet. Ensure the gems and metals are to your liking.

It’s essential you buy a tennis bracelet from a prestigious jeweler. If you’re in Tampa, Johnston Jewelers carries the highest quality jewelry in the Bay. Contact us today.

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