These Stores Won't Be Open On Thanksgiving Day 2017

These Stores Won't Be Open On Thanksgiving Day 2017

November 23, 2017

Over a third of the 150 million shoppers expected to hit stores on Thanksgiving weekend plan to get out to stores on Thursday.

If you're considering joining them, you may want to double check that your favorite stores are open Thanksgiving day 2017.

The Black Friday weekend is steadily creeping closer to the hour where you're supposed to be sitting at dinner. This has made shopping part of some family traditions.

But before you pack everyone into the car, know that these 10 stores won't be open on Thanksgiving day 2017.

1. Costco

If you're planning on picking up some bulk items or some great deals at this wholesale giant. You'll have to wait until Friday to get what you need.

There are some great gifts for someone special at their giant showroom floors but why not consider something custom made instead?

2. Crate and Barrel

Finding that special domestic item or a gorgeous piece of furniture for a loved one will be a little trickier on Thanksgiving day. 

Those cool modern dining sets and sleek minimalist chairs will have to wait until the weekend.

3. H&M

H&M is a great place for fashionable clothes on a budget. Hopefully, you've gotten your Thanksgiving outfit figured out by Wednesday because this fashion-forward company is going to be sitting out on Thanksgiving day.

4. Home Depot

If you're shopping for gadgets or thinking about taking care of a DIY project on Thanksgiving day, you'll have to put it off. Home Depot is typically closed on Thanksgiving.

Put the hammer down and pick up the fork.

5. Ikea

This Swedish home goods megastore has typically let their employees take the day off with their family on Thanksgiving. If you were planning on standing in line for some of their famous meatballs, you'll have to stick with turkey instead.

6. Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

You can leave your sewing machine in the cabinet on Thanksgiving because you won't be able to find the fabric you're looking for from Jo-Ann's. Whether employees will be at home taking a break or setting up all the big Christmas displays, the doors will be locked.

7. Micro Center

Make sure you've got all of your computing gear set up in advance of Thanksgiving day 2017. Typically Micro Center is closed on Thanksgiving.

8. Petco

Fido will have to get by on stuffing and ham this Thanksgiving. Petco stores are usually closed on the holiday.

Whatever scraps you give them from the table, make sure they're good for your pup.

9. Sam's Club

While people may be lining up outside of Wal-Mart for their hour by hour Black Friday sales, Sam's Club will be a ghost town. The wholesale store is typically closed until Black Friday.

10. Staples

Let's hope you don't need any office supplies on Thanksgiving. If you run out of toner or computer paper, you'll have to do without.

Give your loved ones a handwritten letter instead.

Don't Forget Your List On Thanksgiving Day 2017

Be sure you've got everyone on your list covered this Thanksgiving. Your first step is to map out where you'll be headed and when.

There are plenty of shops that'll be open on Thanksgiving day 2017. If you're wondering where you should go to pick out that special something for that special someone, contact us for hours and availability.

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