Top 5 Tips for Wearing Diamonds With Style and Class

Top 5 Tips for Wearing Diamonds With Style and Class

You've finally found them. The person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

As Thanksgiving approaches, you realize engagement season is on its way and you're ready to pop the question. There's one problem-- your partner doesn't want the traditional diamond ring.

You're looking for diamond alternatives, but have no idea where to start. That's okay! We've gathered 7 of the most popular alternatives, your partner will love.


When you think of sapphire, you most likely imagine a deep blue stone. But did you know sapphires can come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to pink to yellow?

Sapphires are a 9 on the Mohs Scale, meaning they are strong and durable. For engagement rings that will be worn often and in a variety of conditions, you will want to be sure the stone you chose is a 7 or higher.

Some believe sapphires signify faithfulness, wisdom, and strength-- which makes them a great diamond ring alternative.


Opals are a beautiful stone that often comes in a variety of colors. White opal rings are the go-to for engagements because of their luminescence and affordability.

This stone is a 5-6.5 on the Mohs Scale so if you do decide to move forward with the opal you will need to use extra care and caution.

Opal stones are considered to be one of the most precious and symbolize fidelity and good luck.


Pearls are a timeless classic. Much like their gemstone counterparts, pearls come in a variety of colors. The most common are white, chocolate, pink, and black.

Pearls are thought to symbolize loyalty, generosity, and strong relationships.

This is another ring you will need to be careful with, as it is a mere 2.5 on the Mohs Scale. You should consult your jeweler before you decide if this is the right ring for you.


Move over diamonds, Morganite is a girl's new best friend. This feminine stone is growing more popular in the engagement ring market.

The stone itself is usually a pink or lavender tone. It's even a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale so you won't have to worry about damage or scratches.

The morganite is a romantic alternative to a diamond as it represents the heart stone in chakra and symbolizes love and compassion.


Turquoise and silver are a combination everyone adores. Although it doesn't have the shine and sparkle of other stones-- it's beautiful coloring and rich tones stand out.

On the Mohs Scale, turquoise ranges between 5-6.

It holds deep meaning in Native American culture and is known as "the stone of life"-- what better way to say "I want to start my life with you."


Moissanite is like a diamond with a 9.5 ranking on the Mohs Scale. The stone itself is clear and bright.

The stone got its name from Henri Moissan in 1893 when he discovered it in a meteor crater. If you want to tell your partner how out of this world they are, this is the stone for you.


This black stone is the complete opposite of a diamond. Usually paired with gold and other gems, onyx rings are less common but very unique.

The Mohs Scale places onyx between a 6.5-7. Many people believe the onyx stone helps you overcome any obstacles throughout your life.

The Best Diamond Alternatives

Now that you have an idea of what diamond alternatives are there, the choice is yours.

When you're ready to pick out an engagement ring for your loved one, Johnston Jewelers is there for you every step of the way.

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