What Is a Birthstone and Why Is It Used in Jewelry?

What Is a Birthstone and Why Is It Used in Jewelry?

Did you know that August was the leading month in births last year? In that one month, a total of 329,978 babies came into the world.

Whether you were also born in August or a different month, you can celebrate this wonderful moment with precious gemstones. Many people love wearing a birthstone.

Are you wondering if it's something worth investing in? Keep reading to learn all about the concept of a birthstone and why it's used in jewelry.

What Is a Birthstone?

Birthstones are part of a rich cultural tradition that can be traced to many different places around the world. The general concept is that there is one stone that corresponds to each month of the year. For instance, a garnet stone is often associated with the month of January.

The exact meaning of a birthstone depends on the culture because there are differences here and there. Some people believe that a birthstone has healing powers and that those powers are enhanced if you wear the stone during your birth month.

There are also birthstones that correspond to a specific zodiac sign.


One of the most beautiful birthstones is known as zircon and is associated with December. Some people confuse zircon with a fake diamond called cubic zirconia but these are two completely different things.

Zircon is a real and natural gem that comes in several different colors. Red with a brown tinge is one of the most popular colors. People love to match this gem with other earth tones.

You can also get zircon in gold, blue, or even colorless.


Tanzanite is another type of December birthstone. Unlike other types of precious gems, this one was discovered in the latter half of the 20th century so it's relatively new.

Its primary source is the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, hence the name that pays homage to the country. People love the stone for its bright colors and the higher potential for larger cuts.

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Yet another December birthstone is the beautiful turquoise. Unlike Tanzanite, turquoise gems have an ancient history that goes back to the Chinese and Egyptians.

The stone can range from semi-translucent to completely opaque. From health to luck, many wearers believe that this birthstone gives off plenty of positive energy.

Are You Ready to Get Your Birthstone?

Now that you've learned about the concept of a birthstone, you can get one or more pieces of jewelry that feature your very own birthstone. These beautiful pieces also make great gifts for friends, family members, and that special someone in your life.

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