What is the Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings this Year?

What is the Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings this Year?

So, you're on the hunt for a wedding or engagement ring, but you're unsure about carat sizes. Line up along with the rest of us! Unless you're a wedding guru, no one really expects you to understand the fluctuating trends in rings and size.

What are the average carat sizes this year, and which one is the right one for you?

Whether you're a bride or groom, we've got the lowdown on which ring sizes are in right now.

Did You Say Carrot?

Nope. A carat (pronounced the same way as "carrot") is a unit of measurement that is standard for weighing and pricing gemstones just about everywhere. But, as you'll see later, it's not just the type of gem and its weight that factor into its price.

Here's how it translates: a one-carat diamond weighs 0.2 grams; a five-carat diamond is equal to 1 gram.

How to Choose Between Carat Sizes

Not every wedding ring is the same, as I'm sure you figured out in your first five minutes of searching. There are the gemstones to consider, their size, the style of cut, the color and material of the band around it, etc.

Shopping for a wedding or engagement ring can get crazy, fast. For instance, Forbes tells us that the average price for an engagement ring is around $5,000.

The larger the carat, usually the higher the price. But don't settle for a poorly cut gem just because it's heavier than another. A one-carat gem may shine a lot brighter than a two-carat gem.

Set a budget at the beginning and work your way down with the jewelers from there. Pick your ideal carat weight, and then step down by about 0.2-0.3 grams.

Sticking With the Times

Here's the inside scoop: when we're talking about single gemstones for a wedding ring, the national average is somewhere around 1.1-1.2 carats. What do people consider a "big" ring? Somewhere in the ballpark of 2-3 carats or more.

If you stay around a carat, then you're definitely not underperforming. Even if you dip a little below a carat for a better cut, then you're still doing all right.

The Perfect Carat Sizes

At the end of the day, the perfect carat size is the one that will make you or your spouse happy and fits into the budget. The wedding itself is a massive expense, so there's no need to go bankrupt over the ring.

When budgeting, remember not to sacrifice a good cut over its weight. When it gets down to measurements that small, the difference will be in the appearance. Not the fraction of a difference in weight from the next option.

Making Informed Jewelry Purchases

There's no need to be in the dark during your jewelry hunt--not with the readily available guides and resources online.

Today, you can find professional advice for every step of your wedding online. Where to go to find more? The Johnston Jewelers blog offers resources from gemstones to honeymoon budgeting and more!

And when you're ready to speak to the professionals yourself, contact a Johnston Jeweler expert.

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