What Is the Birthstone for September?

What Is the Birthstone for September?

If you are looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, then you can't go wrong with birthstone jewelry. Each month has a specific birthstone to represent everyone born in that time period. September is here, so now is the perfect time to get a gift for someone born in this month.

But what is the birthstone for September? Keep reading to learn all about September's beautiful birthstone.

What Is the Birthstone for September? Sapphire Explained

Those born in September are represented by the sapphire birthstone. This September birthstone color is typically a beautiful shade of dark blue. However, some sapphires come in other colors such as pink, yellow, and green.

Many sapphires come from Asia, specifically Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand. Sapphires are also found in areas such as Tanzania, Australia, and Montana.

History of Sapphire

In Ancient Greece and Rome, sapphire was worn by priests and kings as a symbol of purity and wisdom. It was also thought to guard against harm and evil. 

In the middle ages, sapphire was a symbol of heaven. People actually thought that the earth sat on a giant sapphire, therefore making the sky blue. 

Benefits of Sapphire

Sapphire is thought to have many healing properties. This gem brings peace of mind and restores balance in the body. It is also known as the "stone of prosperity," which can help to attract gifts, dreams, and desires. 

The blue sapphire specifically has been thought to help with ailments such as migraines, eye problems, inner ear issues, and thyroid disorders. The healing properties of this gem may help to bring the whole body into balance again.

Choosing Jewelry With Sapphire Stones

If you are shopping for a specific anniversary, then it is important to note that sapphire is the traditional gift for both 45th and 65th anniversaries. Even if you are not celebrating one of these anniversaries, you cannot go wrong with a piece of sapphire jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

One of the most popular pieces of sapphire jewelry is necklaces. Because sapphire is thought to heal the throat chakra, having a piece of sapphire resting on the chest may activate the healing properties of the stone.

September birthstone rings are also another common use for a sapphire. Because of the striking blue color, having this gem stand alone on a ring is all you need to make a statement with your jewelry.

Sapphire is extremely durable and is incredibly hard to scratch, making it a great option for jewelry. All you need to clean sapphire is warm, soapy water and a washcloth. 

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So, if you were asking yourself "what is the birthstone for September," then we hope you have all of your answers. This beautiful gem is rich in history and makes a beautiful gift for anyone.

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