What to Do with a Chipped Diamond

What to Do with a Chipped Diamond

November 08, 2018

Each year, Americans spend $80 billion on diamonds.

Diamonds hold a lot of significance, so it is no wonder we are buying more than ever before. But just because this is the hardest natural material on earth, that doesn't mean it can't chip.

You may worry that a chipped diamond is the end of the road for your cherished item. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way.

Here's what to do if you're unlucky enough to chip your diamond:

1. Re-Cut

You can re-cut your diamond. Re-cutting is the process a jeweler uses to create a smaller stone out of a larger one.

They will cut down the chip, but you will be left with a smaller stone. The bigger the chip, the more they'll need to cut it down.

Any diamond under .20cts (one-fifth of a carat) is usually too small for re-cutting. If your diamond is larger, especially an antique one with sentimental value, this may be your best option.

2. Replace

You can also replace the chipped diamond. This option makes more sense with smaller diamonds and ones with no sentimental value. If you have a large diamond with a big chip, this might need to be replaced too.

Some jewelers will allow a diamond exchange where you can exchange your diamond for a new one. As a chip is considered a flaw in the stone, its clarity rating will decrease. This will reduce its value.

If you choose this option, beware that you'll be offered less than the value you paid originally. Make sure you know how to sell your stone. If you want a larger one, it will come at an extra cost.

3. Swap

If you think that another gem or a bigger diamond would suit a piece of jewelry better, you can always swap out your chipped stone for something different. Get something completely new set in its place.

In case you want to still keep the chipped one, put it into another set of jewelry. Pick something where you won't stress the stone. You can match it with a similar diamond to make a set of earrings, for example.

4. Cover

You can also opt to cover the chip with a design element. Small chips can often be covered by one of the prongs that hold it in its setting.

Beware that if you hide a chip under a prong and that prong takes a hit, it'll pass that stress onto the chip.

Another option is to ask your jeweler to bezel set it. If your diamond is used in a ring, this will protect it from hits on the edges.

Restore Your Chipped Diamond

As you see, having a chipped diamond isn't the end of the world. Diamonds often hold sentimental value; whether you decide to repair, swap out, or cover your diamond, you want the very best for it.

If you're in need of quality, professional jewelers to help with your chipped diamond, contact us at Johnston Jewelers. We have over 40 years of experience, and we can assist with most repair or replacement jobs.

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