3 Ways to Find the Perfect Wedding Rings

3 Ways to Find the Perfect Wedding Rings

February 25, 2019

After you buy the engagement ring, is your jewelry shopping over? Nope! Now it’s time to buy your wedding bands.

The right wedding band is essential for both the bride and the groom. Wedding bands symbolize your eternal love and they’re the way you tell others you married the love of your love.

So how do you go about wedding band shopping? Like engagement rings, wedding bands come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types of metals. The process can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help!

Here are 3 ways to find the perfect wedding rings, for both the bride and the groom.

1. Buy the Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring Together

The groom only wears one ring — the wedding band. But the bride wears two rings, the engagement and wedding rings. The couple’s wedding bands look similar.

But did you know the bride’s wedding ring should also look similar to the engagement ring?

To make this process easier, plan the way you want the rings to look before you propose. Buy all rings together.

What if you plan on custom-making one or more rings? Ask the bride’s opinion (ideally after you propose!) and you two can come up with a way to make the custom rings similar.

You should also buy the engagement ring within the style of your custom bands.

2. Narrow Down Your Choices

When you visit the jeweler, they will show all the different types of wedding bands. Try and not be intimidated. Do your best and narrow down your options.

First, ask yourself how eye-popping you want the wedding bands to be. Some wedding bands are embellished with diamonds and gemstones. Classic wedding bands only have the metal of your choice.

If you would rather have a classic wedding band, the most common metals are platinum, gold, and silver. Gold is the most popular metal for men but many couples also prefer platinum because of its strength and beauty.

3. Start Shopping Early

The last thing you want is to not have the rings on the wedding day or not be sure which rings you want at the last minute. Start your ring shopping as early as possible.

As mentioned previously, it’s best you start planning before you even propose.

After you propose, discuss wedding bands more with your bride.

Deciding which rings you want isn’t even the last step. You still have to try the rings on.

Don’t be surprised if you need a custom-fit ring. If you’re custom-making your ring, allow even more time so the jeweler has plenty of time to create your perfect wedding band.

Start Shopping for Your Wedding Rings!

Who knew so much went into searching for the perfect wedding rings? Start early, buy your rings together, and narrow down your options.

When you follow this advice, you can be sure the bride and groom have wedding bands they will cherish forever.

Are you ready to buy your wedding band? We’re the most prestigious jewelers in the Tampa Bay area. Shop with us today!

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