About the Aquamarine Gem: Your Guide to the Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Size

About the Aquamarine Gem: Your Guide to the Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Size

March 04, 2019

Happy birthday, Pisces! Those born in March have the aquamarine birthstone.

Aquamarine is a gem that’s an allusion to the sea. Its brilliant blue hue sparkles the way the sun hits the water and its multiple colors dance like waves. Whether or not you’re a Pisces, many people love the aquamarine stone.

When buying an aquamarine gem, you’ll realize no two gems look the same. That’s because they’re all different qualities. This guide will describe the cut, clarity and color and how each contributes to the aquamarine’s quality.

Aquamarine Color

Aquamarine’s color varies between these hues:

  • Blue-green
  • Strong green with less blue
  • Strong blue
  • Slight green, more blue
  • Dark blue

In short, the more blue, the higher the value. The darkest to lightest blue aquamarine is the highest quality.

High-quality aquamarines can also vary to the stronger blue/slightly green tones. Most aquamarine is a light blue with slight green tones.

What gives aquamarine that blue tone? Aquamarine has to be treated to achieve that royal blue color. Heat treatment enhances the blue tones and decreases the green.

Just because an aquamarine has green hues doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. Some people prefer natural green-hued aquamarine. But if you truly want a high-quality aquamarine gem, look for the clear blue color.

Aquamarine Cut

You can find an aquamarine cut in any shape and size. But most jewelers prefer aquamarine is cut in either rectangle, round, or oval shape.

That’s because these cuts help retain most of the aquamarine’s natural weight. Longer cuts, specifically rectangle- and oval-shape, help show off the natural blue hues.

Aquamarine Clarity

As mentioned previously, the highest-quality aquamarine gems are blue with no added hues.

Clarity has something to do with this. The cleaner the clarity, the higher value the gem.

As also mentioned, aquamarine with hues of green and other shades doesn’t mean the aquamarine is low-quality. It just hasn’t been heat treated like a high-quality gem has been.

Aquamarine that hasn’t been heat treated is usually sold in the form of beads or carvings. Fine aquamarine has been heat treated for optimum clarity quality.

Aquamarine Carat Sizes

Aquamarine comes in all sizes and weights. The smallest aquamarine is used in fine jewelry.

That’s because it’s the easiest to treat, cut and fashion to any jewelry piece. In addition, smaller aquamarine is more comfortable to wear.

Find an aquamarine with a size of fewer than 25 carats. The only exception is center aquamarine stones.

Shop for Your Aquamarine Gem Today

Aquamarine is a beloved gem that will forever be timeless.

Its gorgeous shade of blue is captivating and looks beautiful on any piece of jewelry. Before you start shopping for an aquamarine gem, know what gives aquamarine its highest quality value.

If you’re searching for aquamarine in Tampa, come to Johnston Jewelers. We carefully hand pick each aquamarine to ensure it’s of the highest quality.

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