Everything You Need to Know About the October Birthstones

Everything You Need to Know About the October Birthstones

Having an October birthday is more positive than you may realize. Most children born in the month are athletic, increasing their likelihood of living past 100 years old. 

It also puts you in great company with stars such as Bruno Mars and Ryan Reynolds. It may even make you more likely to be a great leader because more US presidents were born in October than any other month. 

The best news for lovers of precious gems is that there are two October birthstones. Read on to learn more about them.

Why Are There Two October Birthstones?

There hasn't been a single answer to the question of "what is the October birthstone" since 1952. That was the year that the National Association of Jewelers made an effort to standardize the list. 

Opal was the traditional choice, but it was considered too feminine and not durable enough. Pink tourmaline was added as a second option.

Everything About Opal 

The word opal comes from the Sanskrit word Upalaa, which means preciouss stone." 

An opal stone forms in low temperatures when rain gets trapped in a rock. The silica moves down and dries out, leaving behind the stone. 

Opal has a variety of silica spheres of different sizes. This allows for its most unique feature; the rainbow of colors it gives off when you hold it at different angles.

Opal can be found throughout the world, and there have even been deposits found on Mars. It's mined in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. 95% of it comes from Australia, and it's the country's national gemstone.

The Ancient Greeks believed opal was powerful enough to give the wearer psychic powers. Today, it represents confidence, hope, and purity.

Everything About Pink Tourmaline 

The word tourmaline came from the Sinhalese world toramali which means "unknown stone with mixed colors."

Tourmaline forms in metamorphic and igenous rocks. It's shaped like a prism with three or six sides. It's mined primarily in Brazil and Africa, and the location affects its color. 

Tourmaline comes in more colors and color combinations than any other precious gem. It's often been mistaken for others such as rubies and sapphires and even appeared on the Russian crown jewels. 

A tourmaline stone can be multi-colored or come in green, red, or blue. Pink tourmaline is the one accepted in the list of October birthstones.

Ancient cultures believed tourmaline could inspire artists because of its beautiful mix of colors. Today, it represents compassion and sympathy, making it popular among healers and therapists.

Where to Get Birthstone Jewelry

October is a lucky birth month for athletes, leaders, and artists. More presidents share it than any other month, and so do plenty of successful artists. It's also been associated with a long and healthy life.

There are two recognized October birthstones. Opal is a rare gem with rainbow colors. Pink tourmaline is beautiful and inspiring and can have hints of other colors as well.

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