How to Choose Bridesmaid Accessories and Jewelry

How to Choose Bridesmaid Accessories and Jewelry

There's an old superstition out there that if you've been a bridesmaid three times, you'll never get married. But while we know that's not true, we know there's a lot to do when it comes to getting ready for a wedding.

That includes choosing bridesmaid accessories for your bridesmaids. Once you've got the dress picked out, it's time to choose how to bring the look all together.

Your Essential List of Bridesmaid Accessories to Choose From

Accessories, however small they may seem, are absolutely essential when it comes to finishing off the look for any bridesmaid. The number one rule for any accessory? Make sure you don't outshine the bride.


The easiest way to ensure all your bridesmaid's shoes look great and uniform is to choose one shoe for everyone to purchase. If you want the shoes to match perfectly with the dresses, some companies ofter shoe dyeing services to ensure an exact color match.

If you want your bridesmaids to be able to choose their own shoe, it's easiest to tell them to opt for a nude color to ensure that the hues are all generally the same. Choosing a specific style, like slingback or choosing a certain heel height also helps add to the uniformity of the look.


Because hair most likely will cover up the earrings your bridesmaids are wearing, you can afford to get more flashy with your earring choice if you desire. Choose colors that pop against the hue of the bridesmaid dress, or go with a classic stud that everyone can wear and match.

Earrings are something your bridesmaids can wear even after the wedding is over, so choosing a simple, neutral hue can take them from the wedding into the rest of their wardrobe.


If you have an elaborate style of bridesmaid dress, necklaces may not be necessary for your bridesmaids. If you opt for a necklace, simple, delicate designs compliment the bride most effectively while allowing her to shine.

Especially if you have strapless bridesmaid dresses, accessorize with a simple necklace, like a gold band or a short, low-flash stone.


Your bridesmaid bouquets should be colorful and accent the color already in the dresses. The bride's bouquet is typically less colorful, so more hues for the bridesmaid's flowers help to complement her well.

You can even decide to give your bridesmaids each a different type of bouquet in order to highlight their individuality. Not all the flowers have to be the same - different flowers like roses or carnations for each bouquet can create a unique and textured look.

Only the Best for Your Bridesmaids

When it comes to your bridesmaids, you don't want to spare any detail. They're the people who were there for you the most, and they're going to be there for you during the wedding to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Show them how much they mean to you by getting them the best jewelry out there with Johnston Jewelers. Besides their bridesmaid accessories, you can also get them a gift to say thank you for all the hard work they did.

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