How to Honeymoon on a Budget: Top 5 Honeymoons under $2,500

How to Honeymoon on a Budget: Top 5 Honeymoons under $2,500

October 25, 2017

You've spent your whole life dreaming of your wedding, and everything went off without a hitch. The proposal was perfect, you've said your I do's, and now you're ready to begin an exciting new life together.

But maybe your wedding cost a bit more than expected. After all, the average wedding is estimated to cost around $26,000.

That doesn't mean you can't still have a great honeymoon, however. It just means that it's time to budget! Here are some great tips on how you can have a great honeymoon on a budget.

1. Avoid Tourist Season

Believe it or not, you can still visit the top honeymoon destinations while on a budget. If you want a great honeymoon but don't feel like compromising, simply go during the offseason and avoid holidays.

Determine where you'd like to go on your honeymoon, then find out when that area is most populated. If you're going someplace tropical, it's likely more popular during the summer, for instance.

Planning your trip around tourist season can slash hotel prices pretty substantially. You'll still get the luxury of staying in a gorgeous hotel, you'll just simply pay less for it. And since the area is less populated, there's no need to worry about crowds!

2. Hang Out With The Locals

Some locations, like Cancun or Hawaii, are always packed with tourists. Consider hanging out with the locals for an unforgettable, one of a kind experience.

Most restaurants raise their prices for tourists, so eating with the locals is a great way to save money.

And not only will you save money, you'll get to experience the authentic side of your destination. You can talk with the locals and get their suggestions for what to do in the area.

It's like having your own personal tour guide for free!

3. Skip The Hotel

Sure, it's hard to beat room service and those little chocolates on your pillow, but hotel costs - especially at popular honeymoon destinations - can cost hundreds of dollars.

Stay at a local home using Air BnB. You'll still get the luxury of your own personal space at a fraction of the cost.

Choose from apartments, condos, or even homes and stay just outside of town. Not only is it cheaper than a hotel, but it feels more personal. You can even get recommendations for local restaurants and activities.

But like a hotel, you'll want to make sure you've booked well in advance to get the best deal.

4. Bring Groceries From Home

Even if you need several bags checked at the airport, bringing groceries is still far cheaper than eating out for every meal. Try and bring enough groceries for either 1 meal and 1 snack or 2 meals every day.

Just skipping one meal out can save you tons and you'll feel less guilty when you do splurge on a great meal.

5. Plan An Itinerary And Stick To It

Of course, there's a slight bit of wiggle room here -- you are on vacation, after all. But planning what you'd like to do ahead of time can massively cut down on expenses like meals out.

Again, get online and investigate the area. Where are the best places to eat? What's fun to do in the area?

The more you plan your honeymoon on a budget, the less likely you are to splurge on expensive activities.

Final Thoughts On Planning A Honeymoon On A Budget

When most people think of the word 'budgeting' they think of cut-backs. But when it comes to your honeymoon, you can still experience everything you want at a fraction of the price.

Follow these tips, save some cash, and enjoy your new marriage! And don't forget that Johnston Jewelers wants to help you celebrate. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or a great watch, get in touch.

Congratulations on your marriage, it's time to celebrate!

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