Necklace Length Guide: How to Always Choose the Necklace That's the Right Length for You

Necklace Length Guide: How to Always Choose the Necklace That's the Right Length for You

Do you have trouble finding necklaces that are the right length? Maybe they always fit differently than you imagined, or maybe they don't look good with your outfits.

But finding the right necklace doesn't have to be so hard. With a few tips, you're sure to find the right necklace that looks great on you and with your outfit.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover our ultimate necklace length guide.


Chokers are the shortest types of necklaces. There are different choker styles: some should fit snugly against your neck, while others can lay around the base of your neck but still shouldn't droop down much.

A good choker should be between 14 and 16 inches, but a more exact measurement will depend on the necklace style you want and your body type. The best way to find the perfect choker necklace length for you is to measure the circumference of your neck and use that as a guide.

When it comes to your outfit, go with off-the-shoulder and boat necklines. A choker necklace can add a sophisticated element to an evening outfit or a flirty touch to a day outfit.


A standard necklace chain length should lay on the collarbone and be about 18 inches long. As the name suggests, this is the most common chain length you'll find.

Not only do standard necklaces look great on any body type, but they go well with almost any outfit, too.

This is a great necklace chain length to wear to work. Finding one with a bold pendant can add a little extra interest to your outfit while still staying professional.

When it comes to your accessorizing your wedding dress or enjoying a night out on the town, the standard necklace also looks great with dresses that have v-necks and sweetheart necklines.


Matinee necklaces are designed to fall between the collarbone and chest. Depending on your body type, this is usually between 20 and 22 inches.

If you ever try to wear a standard necklace with a higher neckline, you may notice that the pendant falls right where the collar starts. This can cause your outfit to look cluttered or rushed.

In these instances, a matinee necklace is better. It'll fall past your shirt's collar and create a more put-together look.


Opera necklaces are the longest necklace type (aside from rope necklaces, which are wrapped around your neck twice to create the appearance of a double-strand necklace). They can be found anywhere between 26 and 35 inches, and they should lay on or below your bust.

There are many ways to wear opera necklaces, such as with a being paired with high neckline shirts. They can also be worn with plain shirts to add visual interest.

Opera necklaces can be found in a myriad of styles, so they can be worn with casual or formal outfits.

Your Ultimate Necklace Length Guide

Having trouble finding the right necklace for your favorite outfits? Don't worry - we have your back! Just follow our ultimate necklace length guide to ensure you buy the right necklace chain length every time.

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