Wedding Dress Accessories and Jewelry: Your Ultimate Guide

Wedding Dress Accessories and Jewelry: Your Ultimate Guide

Even in Medieval times, a bride would accessorize her wedding gown. A garland of flowers in the hair and a sachet of potpourri were popular. A blue dress symbolizing purity was common, hence our modern-day tradition of "something blue".

Want to learn how to compliment your gown with the perfect accents? Check out this guide to learn more about how to choose wedding dress accessories and jewelry.

The Back Drop to Your Wedding

A low back or backless wedding dress can be very striking. You will be revealing lots of bare flesh but in a tasteful way. The dramatic style is crying out for simple wedding jewelry.

A backdrop necklace can be dainty with a single stone at the end of a chain or more elaborate. Try a pearl necklace with a light chain backdrop punctuated with pearls or crystals. They rest on your back like tiny teardrops.

Color Matching Metals

Accessorizing your wedding dress means thinking differently. Your dress might be the first component you choose but then what do you wear with it? Certain metals look better with particular dress colors.

If your dress is ivory, go with gold because it brings out the creaminess of the fabric. Silver or platinum go fabulously with a pure white dress. Yellow gold clashes.

A diamond-white dress complements yellow or rose gold and silver too. If your dress has beading follow through the colors into your earrings for wedding dress complementing chic.

To Veil or Not to Veil

Not everybody will choose to have a veil. If it's part of your wedding dream then there are lots of styles to choose from. If it's not "you", the alternatives can be very beautiful too.

When choosing a veil, make sure it matches your dress perfectly. That means checking the shade but also the style. A fancy dress will benefit from a simple veil.

If you have a dramatic backless dress, don't spoil the effect by covering it with an opaque veil. Try something short like a birdcage veil. If you would like a longer veil, try something sheer.

If a veil is not for you there are a number of options. Start by considering your hairstyle. Accessorize with a hair comb, a fascinator or flowers.

Longer loose hair can work with a flower crown. Choose flowers to reflect your wedding theme. Perhaps certain flowers have some meaning for you.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Walking down the aisle isn't just about the dress. The shoes have to be right too. Bear in mind you may have to stand around, walk or even dance in them.

Comfort is important especially if you don't want that pained expression in the wedding photos. More height, less stability, and poor-quality materials mean more pain. Take your time choosing and even break them in before the wedding to maximize both appearance and practicality.

Wedding Dress Accessories Are Not Just for Your Wedding Day

No wedding dress is complete without the right wedding dress accessories and jewelry. Put the whole look together reflecting your style, personality, and taste.

Some items may well be wearable after your wedding too. Choose things that have a life after your wedding day.

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