The Most Breathtaking Birthstone Engagement Rings in Largo, Florida

The Most Breathtaking Birthstone Engagement Rings in Largo, Florida

In 2022, over 2.6 million singles were taken off the market for good. Before you add yourself to that number, you have a big question to answer: Which engagement ring will they love most?

Though diamonds and sapphires have dominated the wedding scene, they’re not the only option. Your sweetheart might prefer sentiment over shine, and that’s perfectly okay. 

Birthstone engagement rings are an outward sign to your partner that you care about their unique personality and have truly listened to their history.  Read on for the best picks:

Princess Cut Birthstone Engagement Rings

A princess cut is a square, brilliant-cut stone with pointed corners. It’s the pinnacle of elegant simplicity.

The princess cut is well suited to any type of setting, but it works especially well with white gold or platinum. A deep-colored stone set in a princess cut gives the illusion of having more depth than it actually has; light refracts off its many angles as if passing through water.

July birthstone engagement rings are a classic choice for this cut. It also pairs well with May and January birthstones.

If your lover likes to feel dainty and feminine, a princess-cut engagement ring is an excellent choice. Its simple grace will make them like royalty.

Round Cut Birthstone Rings

The round-cut setting is famous for its shine, giving off 90% more sparkle than other cuts. If your lover is sophisticated and polished, this is the ideal setting.

Round-cut gemstones have a high brilliance that white gold or silver will enhance. This cut can bring out the excellence of August birthstone engagement rings. September, February, and December birthstones are also a beautiful match if you’re proposing to someone who loves sparkling things.

Emerald Cut Birthstone Engagement Rings

The emerald cut is a long rectangular-shaped diamond with clipped corners to produce eight octagonal facets. This cut is uncommon, so it’s perfect if your future fiance prides themselves on being different. The cut will draw attention to the center stone, making it look bigger and brighter than other cuts.

Emerald cut birthstone engagement rings are especially good if your lover is a March or May baby. But September birthstone engagement rings are equally stunning in this cut. If you’re proposing to someone who loves the ocean, they can indulge in the rich deep blue hues of sapphire.

Personalize Your Proposal With One-Of-A-Kind Birthstone Engagement Rings

Your proposal is one of the most important dates in your life. Make it special. A custom-designed ring is a great way to commemorate the occasion and make the moment even more memorable.

With a little creativity and some help from our talented jewelers in Largo, Florida, you can design the ring your spouse thought was only a fantasy. Call us today, so we can go over different birthstone engagement rings and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your spouse-to-be. 

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