The Most Exciting Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2019

The Most Exciting Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2019

It’s spring time! Everyone looks forward to this time of year. The sun comes out, the flowers bloom, and many women pull out their colorful wardrobe staples.

Clothing isn’t the only spring fashion essential — it’s also time to take out your spring jewelry styles!

Every year, different jewelry pieces receive more attention each season. Spring 2019 is expecting to see some incredible and unique pieces.

From fun jewelry pieces to the most luxurious jewelry staples, there are many jewelry styles to rock this spring. And, of course, they’re all bold.

Continue reading to know the spring fashion jewelry trends for 2019.

The 2019 Spring Fashion Trends

Whether they’re heart-shaped earrings or classic pearls, here are the fashion trends you need to wear this year.


When you think of pearls, what do you think of? Vintage pearl necklaces or exquisite pearl earrings? Many pearl styles are hot this spring, but you’ll see more modern pearl designs than anything.

Pearls are added to many trending jewelry styles. This includes pearl hoop earrings, large mother-of-pearl bracelets and even funky pearls for different piercings.

For playful and fun days, choose bold hoop earrings embellished with pearls. For nights on the town, choose a pearl ring. Combine your pearl pieces with yellow gold for a more classic look.


Love is in the air, and it shows with this heart-shaped jewelry trend! Spring 2019 is about all things fun and playful. You’ll see big, chunky heart jewelry pieces this year.

Choose heart-shaped earrings. Get your 80’s on by choosing bedazzled or colorful heart earrings.

For a formal look, choose simple yet exquisite yellow gold heart earrings. Combine trends by choosing heart earrings with seashells or pearls.

Looking for Trendy Jewelry?

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