Top 5 Tips for Wearing Diamonds With Style and Class

Top 5 Tips for Wearing Diamonds With Style and Class

November 08, 2018

Diamond companies produce around 133 million carats of diamonds each year. It's helpful to learn some expert tips about wearing diamonds that will rock your world.

Diamonds are believed to attract good luck, health, and protection. Most people associate diamonds with weddings, but there are actually many fashionable ways you can wear diamonds.

Here are 5 tips for rocking diamonds in style:

1. Wearing Diamonds As Earrings

If you're looking for an everyday style of diamonds, wear diamond stones as earrings. Some people claim you're not supposed to wear diamond jewelry during the day. Diamond earrings are definitely an exception to this rule.

Diamond earrings pair well with most outfits. They add a touch of class to any look. Plus, they match everything.

Certain fashionistas claim that diamond earrings are relics of the 80's. Diamond earrings can add a vintage touch to your appearance. However, most people will agree that diamond earrings are timeless.

2. Diamond Necklace Styles

Diamond necklaces are elegant by nature. You'll want to reserve diamond necklaces for more sophisticated looks.

Diamond necklaces look great with simple black dresses. The darkness makes the diamonds stand out more.

Consider wearing a diamond necklace with a solid cashmere sweater. The more elaborate the diamond cut and necklace, the more subtle your clothes should be.

3. Stacking Diamond Rings

What could be better than a diamond ring? Multiple diamond rings! Stacking multiple diamond rings on one finger is very fashionable.

When stacking diamond rings, make sure each diamond cut is different in size and shape. That way, the rings don't blend into each other and look like a chunky piece of jewelry.

You can wear a diamond engagement ring any day. However, stacking diamond rings works better for more upscale outfits you wear for special events and parties.

4. Diamond Choker

Diamond chokers are a little more understated than regular diamond necklaces. Still, even a little diamond choker can go a long way in fashion.

Wear a diamond choker with scoop neck tops and low necklines. This will make your neck look longer and more slender.

Some fabrics look better with a diamond choker than others do. For instance, velvet and lace tops look better with a diamond choker than a simple T-shirt does.

5. Tennis Bracelets

Unlike diamond earrings, tennis bracelets actually do date back to the 80's. A tennis bracelet can add a retro touch to any outfit.

Tennis bracelets look best on your wrist when you're wearing shorter sleeves. People can see your diamond bracelet more clearly that way.

Like diamond rings, you can also stack tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets tend to come in gold, silver and rose gold. Stick to one of these metal options, even if you're stacking different bracelet styles.

For instance, don't wear a gold tennis bracelet with a silver one.

Let Diamonds Be Your New Best Friends

People are buying up to 25% more diamonds since 2011. That's probably because wearing diamonds makes you look more classy.

About 52% of diamond rings today have a round cut. Feel free to experiment with different outfits for different diamond cuts. The results might surprise you.

Embrace the ultimate gift and accessory by looking at the different types of diamond jewelry we offer. Let diamonds add a sense of glamour to your life.

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