Your Complete Guide to the February Birthstone Amethyst

Your Complete Guide to the February Birthstone Amethyst

Did you know that those born in February are less irritable than those born in other months? This cool-headed trait matches up well with the month's birthstone, amethyst.

Amethyst is a stone that represents peace. In many cultures, it's thought to have protective qualities. It can keep those who wear it safe from drunkenness and bad health.

These are only a few fun facts about the February birthstone. We've only begun to scratch the surface of its rich history. Check out this guide to learn why you should shop for amethyst jewelry in Tampa Bay.

A Brief History of Amethyst

Dionysus, the God of wine, wished to punish man for their overindulgence in his creation. He descended from mount Olympus and turned the first person he encountered into a brilliant white quartz statue.

This person was a beautiful woman named Amethyst. Feeling remorse for his actions, Dionysus wept tears of wine that turned the statue purple. It's said that this is the origin of the birthstone of February.

Due to its association with the God of wine, ancient Greeks believed that wearing amethyst could protect one from drunkenness. Over time this began to include emotional and spiritual drunkenness as well. Peace and serenity became natural properties of amethyst.

Where to Find the February Birthstone?

Like many naturally occurring stones, amethyst can be found in volcanic rocks. Most deposits are mined in Uruguay and Brazil.

Before it was discovered in Uruguay and Brazil, it was mined in Russia and Siberia.

What Is the Color?

When you think of amethyst, your mind most likely goes to the dark purple hue that makes it so popular. In truth, this stone comes in a wide assortment of colors.

It can range anywhere from opaque purple to light violet. There are also reddish purple amethyst stones, and sometimes, they come with beautiful bands of yellow.

How Much Does Amethyst Jewelry Cost?

The price of amethyst can vary by color. The most expensive stones are the ones found in Siberia.

These gems are a rich purple color with bits of blue and red in them. 

Who Is Amethyst Best Suited For?

Due to amethyst properties, it's thought to be a great gift for those who work in healing professions.

If you have a lot of negative energy surrounding you, buying amethyst jewelry from our Tampa Bay store will help absorb some of it and leave you in a better state of mind.

Understanding the Birthstone of February

As you can see, the February birthstone has a rich and interesting history surrounding it. Its reputation for healing those who wear it and absorbing negative energy goes back to ancient times.

If you're interested in clearing your mind by adding this gorgeous gemstone to your collection, stop by our Tampa Bay location or contact us with your questions.

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